So said the chairman


Jin Weidong: from success to happiness

My topic today is "success to the edge of happiness.". As soon as the topic was published, many people sent me messages asking me what it meant. Many people helped me to revise my English, including Ms. Zhang Xuyan, who gave a speech just now, and suggested that the English of my topic should be changed to success to the edge of


Jin Weidong: three principles of enterprise life

——Live broadcast of "animal welfare forum in Beijing"! Thank you, President Wu Peijun, for his opening introduction. Today, I have the honor to share with you the topic of "enterprise and life". One of the signs of modern social progress is that the scale of government is getting smaller and smaller, and more talents enter enterprises and markets. However


Nine songs in Wuhan

Preface: the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan has affected hundreds of millions of people. It is a treasure of nature and the thoroughfare of nine provinces. Since ancient times, talents have emerged in large numbers and always led the trend. In front of the disaster, you blockaded the city to save others. The most sick people and the most lost relatives in Wuhan. To this heroic city, thank you for your noble character


Jin Weidong's view on antibiotic substitution

——The summary speech at the Liaoning feed industry conference in 2019 is already lunch time. I decided not to talk about the report I prepared originally, but this does not affect you to get its content, because I have a very detailed text version of the report of enterprise risk management and control. I have sent the text version to Secretary General Wu Changsheng


How to control price and other risks in agricultural enterprises

On October 29, the second industrial enterprise risk management conference was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Under the guidance of China Futures Association, this conference is sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Financial Supervision Bureau, Liaoning Provincial securities regulatory bureau, Dalian securities regulatory bureau and Dalian Commodity Exchange, and undertaken by Yong'an futures and LUZHENG futures, Jianghai Huixin futures, Nanhua futures, CITIC futures, etc


Jin Weidong: postgraduates lay the foundation for my life

——Jin Weidong's speech at the 2019 national animal husbandry Summit Forum and the joint meeting of the presidents (directors) of the Academy of Animal Sciences


Master baidia

Editor's note of feed science and technology and economy: China's feed industry is becoming mature in the process of integration. In terms of quantity, we will be second to none in the world. However, the quality of enterprises, the efficiency of management, the height of strategy and the taste of entrepreneurs still need to be improved. Just high spirited Hefeng chairman Jin Weidong just went to Nepal to participate in the Partnership


On innovation of Jin Weidong's Riverside

——Jin Weidong's speech at the 17th (2019) science and Technology Innovation Conference of China Animal Husbandry Expo good morning! 25 years ago, I was 30 years old and worked in this city. On the day when I took office in Wuhan Huamei Company, I wrote a poem in the office facing the Yangtze River. The ending sentence of the poem is: the river is long and the waves are heavy. Today I am


Weidong night talk: choice and perception

[preface] on the evening of December 7, at the annual meeting of the 15th China animal husbandry and feed science and technology and economy high level forum in 2018, Mr. Jin Weidong gave a wonderful speech "choice and perception", and its audio frequency has been released recently. Now, it will be presented in the form of text at the same time. I'd like to share with Hefeng's partners and friends. Two hours of talking at your fingertips


Jin Weidong: Eternal foundation is the harmony of civilization (excerpt)

——On November 23, the keynote speech at the 2018 China Agricultural Marketing annual meeting, more than 800 chairman, President, marketing director and technical director of agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises gathered together. Jin Weidong shared the theme of "eternal foundation must be the harmony of civilization"


My view: Hong Kong

——A dialogue with president Tang Yingnian at the Forum on the visit of new social strata to Hong Kong and Macao. Here I want to ask you a question. In fact, I am thinking about it myself


Four puzzles of China's top 30 feed enterprises

China's top 30 feed enterprises are currently in the following four puzzles. A little bit of opinion is a big deal. Based on my personal opinion, currently, there are four important dilemmas which the top 30 feed companies in China face


Jin Weidong's theory of "tude"

Dear guests, dear teachers and students: Good afternoon! First of all, I would like to congratulate the 62 students of the first futures order class to graduate smoothly after two months' study and become new comers in futures business. As the intermediary of both sides of the project cooperation and the link of friendship, I was invited to participate in this activity as a guest today


Jin Weidong: making good use of strategy based on common sense

In the introduction, the theme of "entrepreneur's speech in the morning" is based on the general knowledge of "entrepreneur's spirit". So, how to innovate? Is it possible to innovate with a high degree? In fact, innovation is extraordinary, because it is not in accordance with the normal


Self discipline and self-confidence

——Jin Weidong, chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the "Spring Festival friendship of feed associations in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province and the first vice president expansion meeting of Beijing feed industry association in 2018". Time: in the morning of March 1, 2018, host Wu Peijun: Chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry and his subordinates are very good at poetry. He has changed many people in the society


Jin Weidong: setting aside ronghua and creating brilliance again

——Jin Weidong, President of Liaoning feed industry association and chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the 30th anniversary celebration of the association. Distinguished director Kong, leaders of the Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau, distinguished predecessors and leaders of Liaoning feed industry association, respected chairman and Secretary General of feed industry of brother provinces, and respected former president Zhu


Jin Weidong: unswervingly committed to the revitalization and development of Liaoning Province

In Liaoning Province, the chairman of the board of directors of Liaoning Province has made great contribution to the development of Liaoning Province. He was born and accomplished. Liaoning is duty bound to develop and contribute to Liaoning unswervingly. Over the past 20 years, Hefeng animal husbandry from a


Front page of Shenyang Daily: Jin Weidong's love for Shenyang

On September 23, the front page of Shenyang Daily reported an exclusive interview with chairman Jin Weidong under the title of "arousing entrepreneurship and realizing Shenyang's new transcendence". The article talked about Hefeng's business purpose, social responsibility and efforts for the economic revitalization of Shenyang and Liaoning, and more about the Shenyang feelings of Hefeng people. "One of my favorite songs is


Jin Weidong's speech at the signing ceremony of cooperation between Hefeng and Indonesia Shijia group

[preface] on April 29, 2017, chairman Jin Weidong delivered a speech in English at the signing ceremony of Hefeng Indonesia project, which was concise and full of national feelings. Now the original text and translation are published together with you to share. Your Excellency Consul General Gu Jingqi, Respected Business...


Jin Weidong: towards the world

Towards the world -- the road to internationalization of Hefeng's animal husbandry industry, my topic is a thesis composition. The organizer asked me to speak more and more macroscopically. It may have a great incentive effect on everyone, but objectively, it seems a bit modest. This is not my style. Hefeng is to do feed to start, now do more comprehensive animal husbandry and veterinary cause


The clouds are black on the wild path, and the fire on the river boat is bright alone

——The title of chairman Jin Weidong's speech at Hefeng group's leadership training camp in January 2017 was originally shared with students at the Shennong reading club as an alumni at the end of 2016. Because the students are in the ivory tower on campus, there are lights of knowledge


Five directions of feed enterprise transformation

——Jin Weidong, chairman of Hefeng group, gave a speech at the high-level forum on industry development of the 20th anniversary celebration of Henan feed industry association for half an hour, which gave me too big a topic - "transformation and development of feed industry and industrial development". I can only outline a principle and a concept. What I'm talking about, maybe you


We call for high quality corn

Editor's note: on September 13, 2016, the 9th China corn industry conference, sponsored by Dalian Commodity Exchange, was held in Dalian on September 13. With the theme of "development opportunities in the marketization reform of temporary storage policy", the conference focused on the risk management and development opportunities of the industry in the marketization reform of temporary storage policy of corn. Sina period


[interview] Jin Weidong's witty reply to Peng Jin

Peng Jinwei, a reporter of agricultural treasure book, is a real celebrity who can be a true hero. On June 18, the Forum on the development of China's charm agricultural industry was held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel. The Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which changed the direction of contemporary Chinese history, was held here. More than 100


Jin Weidong's new theory: only books and mahjong are indispensable

Jin Weidong's new theory: only books and mahjong are indispensable! The title of my report is "only books and mahjong are indispensable". Congratulations on coming to Jingxi Hotel for a meeting. I feel uneasy to give a report here


Jin Weidong talks about planning

Xiang Qian alliance leader and industry planning colleagues: just now Lin Mei's opening speech was very good, but my introduction was not good (Forum host Hefeng president assistant Lin Mei said: please welcome the talented and knowledgeable chairman Jin Weidong) in front of the guests, this is not in line with the basic beauty of Chinese people


Impromptu speech at Anqing dinner

Dear people, director Dakang, Mayor Zhang of the government, and director Cheng of the Agricultural Committee: Thank you for setting up this grand banquet to entertain our party. More than 20 years ago, we were young and frivolous, and the tide of reform was surging in southern China


Flying clouds without fear

On November 21, 2015, Mr. Jin Weidong, chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the 4th annual meeting of China agriculture and animal husbandry marketing in 2015. Mr. Zhao Ming, chairman of the board of consonant International: Good morning! Please allow me to say a few words before sharing the first ppt. today...


Hand in hand

In August 2006, at the dinner party after the signing of the contract, Mr. co de heus, the new head of de heus company in the Netherlands, tied up his suit button, stood up solemnly and said excitedly, "I am very happy to be able to form an alliance with a great company like Hefeng. I want to tell you what makes me


Speech by Mr. Jin Weidong, chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: Good morning! Thank you for coming to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd. Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Good Morning! I would like to thank and welcome eac...


Feelings of entrepreneurship

When a brilliant young man braves the tide of war in 1995, a brilliant young man will not be brave enough to fight against the tide of war


Mr. Jin Weidong, chairman of the board of directors of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd

Dear vice mayor Huang Kai, distinguished guests, distinguished business partners, especially the many friends of intermediary institutions who have helped Hefeng to go public and make great contributions to the listing of Hefeng, ladies and gentlemen, good evening! First of all, we should review the development of our company and the process of listing. Hefeng, 1995


Read seriously in letters

Editor's note: in August this year, chairman Jin Weidong and academician Zhang Ziyi, a leading academic in the industry, exchanged letters through Dong Zhiling, editor in chief of feed economy and technology. The fresh and elegant words and the simple poems make us feel the deep friendship of forgetting the years. Dong Zhiling editor in chief: received academician Zhang Ziyi a few days ago


Speech on school anniversary

Dear teachers, students and guests: Good morning! I feel very proud to have me speak on behalf of my alumni. Shen Nong has a hundred thousand students. He is a statesman in the temple, an academic elite in a tower of elephant teeth, and a proud industrial man in the river and lake


Making progress in 2011 -- Speech of chairman Jin Weidong at the group commendation meeting

The past year of 2011 is a year of mixed happiness and development for our group. From a macro perspective, we objectively measure our performance. Hefeng is a large enterprise group with rapid growth. But because our several main competitors have completed the listing financing, the implementation merger reorganization and the achievement big increase, in their Gao Cheng


Review of Hefeng's entrepreneurial process from 2006 to 2010

In 2000 and 2005, I wrote a review of the first two five years of Hefeng's development (1995-2000 and 2001-2005). It summarizes the mental process and career path of Hefeng from its foundation to its growth in those two periods. This year is the 15th anniversary of Hefeng. We will hold a grand 15th anniversary celebration on September 5th


My story with Mr. Vaidya

In April 2011, the death of Dr. Vijay gajananda Vaidya, a loyal partner of Hefeng group, made chairman Jin Weidong deeply saddened. In the six years of cooperation, Mr. Jin and Mr. Vaidya have formed a deep friendship. In front of the editor of "He Feng Ren", Mr. Jin talked about


Chairman Jin Weidong delivered a speech at the 15th anniversary celebration of Hefeng

Dear leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Thank you for coming to Hefeng and participating in our 15th anniversary celebration. In 1995, seven founders gathered in Shenyang from all directions to start their own business. Take Shenyang as the starting point, based on the White Mountains and black waters of Kanto land



China's top 30 feed enterprises are currently in the following four puzzles. A little bit of opinion is a big deal. Foreign funded enterprises represented by Thailand Zhengda Group have achieved great success in opening up their territory in China


Jin Weidong's performance in Northeast University of Finance and Economics

According to "Yu renran, I went to the university two years ago, and I found that I was on the campus with a dragon dance." Where does this sentence come from? This is the words of Confucius, from the Analects of Confucius, which is the core of the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius. Now many people are keen on Chinese traditional culture


The year of 2009

"Three or two peach blossom branches outside the bamboo, the spring river warm duck prophet." Every year, when the land returns to spring, it is always the time for me to write a summary of the enterprises of the past year. I often change the draft and ponder over it again and again, for fear of being biased or missing something. From this time on, our annual summary will be jointly written by a number of business sector leaders


High spirited 2008

After careful consideration, I am sure that only the word "high spirited" can summarize the overall performance of Hefeng in 2008. The past year has been extraordinary for the world, for China and for every Chinese. The hail disaster in southern China in early spring, the earthquake in Sichuan in May, and the coal mine and railway safety occurred successively


Feed companies are victims of melamine

Editor's note: This is a letter from chairman Jin Weidong to the state feed office. It is expected that this letter will be transmitted to the main state leaders of the State Council for reprinting here. With the detection of melamine in milk and eggs, and the damage to infants caused by melamine, social panic and widespread concern from all walks of life. the near future...


The basic principles of a successful career

Editor's note: in July 2007, chairman Jin Weidong delivered a speech entitled "personal elements in a successful career", which was highly praised by people both inside and outside the industry. In July 2008, as a companion piece of this speech, the basic principles of a successful career met with you again. Mr. Jin's speech is vivid, simple and humorous, and good literature


Facing the challenge in 2007

2007 is a year of rapid and healthy development of China's economy, but also a year of fierce competition and survival of the fittest in animal husbandry and feed industry. Affected by the high fever disease, the number of pigs on hand decreased sharply, resulting in sales difficulties; the prices of soybean meal, cotton meal, calcium hydrogen phosphate, vitamins, trace elements and other raw materials rose sharply, resulting in a sharp increase in feed costs


Personal factors in a successful career

In any career, personal factors are the foundation of success. Although team struggle has become the consensus of contemporary society, the foundation of team is still individual excellence and strength. Without excellent personal qualities, no career can succeed. Of course, if the excellence and excellence of individual quality are not well integrated and


The exciting year of 2006

The year of 2006, which just ended, is one of the most brilliant chapters in Hefeng's development. The year of 2006 is the year of expansion of Hefeng company; 2006 is the year of Hefeng's struggle against the trend; 2006 is the gathering of Hefeng team with a large number of people and many generals


Holding hands and Surpassing -- chairman Jin Weidong signed a joint venture with de heus company of Holland in Hefeng company

[preface] Hefeng and de heus of the Netherlands have gone through a long but very happy road of cooperation from acquaintance, acquaintance, acquaintance to hand in hand. This is a successful cross regional and cross-cultural international cooperation, which will become a classic case of transnational capital operation of Chinese feed enterprises. Only 11 years of development history of Hefeng animal husbandry


The chairman of the board of directors Jin Weidong made a speech at the national science and technology conference

[preface] on January 9, 2006, the National Conference on science and technology was solemnly held. As one of the only two representatives of entrepreneurs in Liaoning Province (only 17 in Liaoning Province were invited), chairman Jin Weidong attended the grand meeting and spoke on behalf of the enterprise in the panel discussion. This is the honor of Hefeng group, which is rare in feed enterprises


Speech at the foundation laying ceremony of Kaifeng Hefeng new plant

Dear leaders, dear friends and all employees of Hefeng, Kaifeng: today, on behalf of 2500 employees, all directors and all shareholders of Hefeng, I would like to congratulate the completion of the new plant and the formal opening of the second phase project of Hefeng. We Hefeng animal husbandry stock


Poverty is not a mistake

Dear students and teachers: Good afternoon! "Since ancient times, heroes have suffered a lot, but they have never had a dandy or a great man." Today, we are offering limited financial aid to those young students who are the pillars of the future country, those who have great prospects in the future, who want to realize their dreams here, and who have encountered some difficulties for the time being


Review of Hefeng's entrepreneurial process

In 1999, I wrote an article entitled "our ideal is more than that". It raised three urgent problems for Hefeng enterprise to expand its business scale, make its shares public and realize its internationalization. The conclusion is "don't be small and prosperous, don't lose its true colors, don't lose morale, don't lose people's heart


What is happiness? ——Speech by Chairman of EDP

Mr. Jin's speech was an impromptu speech delivered at the evening of the group's first EDP joint learning, when the group commended outstanding enterprises and managers in 2005. Thirteen enterprises and 10 general managers took the medals from the group's senior executives, and the participants were jubilant with applause. Compared with the previous commendation, this table


Exciting 2004

To sum up the work of the group in 2004 with similar topics as in 2003, it is indeed because 2004 is as proud as 2003. Our enterprise develops by leaps and bounds one year after another, our career goes against the trend, our team further grows and grows, and our reputation is more widely spread. Our annual plan gets


Extraordinary 2003

Compared with the end of 2002, Hefeng's career at the end of 2003 was brilliant and achieved rapid development. Under the influence of SARS and the soaring price of raw materials, we went against the trend and made progress in every aspect. The year of 2003 is a year when we depict the beautiful scenery with heavy colors, and it is our bold and enterprising


Learning from Marx

In the long course of human history, there are many outstanding talents. Marx is universally recognized as a philosopher, thinker and political leader. Marxism was once accepted by more than half of the world's population, and led to nearly half of the countries in the world to choose the socialist system


Good teacher and good friend Wen Dongnan

When a person you respect suddenly loses contact with you, you must do everything possible to inquire for information; when all efforts fail, you will doubt whether he treats each other's relationship as you do; however, when all acquaintances lose contact with him, you will conclude that he is determined to cut off the connection with a certain period of time. Just


Looking back on 2001

The year 2001 witnessed the vigorous development of Hefeng. It is necessary to make a comprehensive summary of the past year, let the achievements encourage us and let the lessons remind us. The year 2001 is a year for Hefeng to fully realize the expected target. At the beginning of last year, the first senior management meeting was held in Harbin


marry off a daughter

Gently wave goodbye, you step on the wedding car is not forever missing, but it is really a forever change this moment, silent silent growth years ah, you have come and fall beautiful, you have become mature and graceful, you are still my eternal care, I believe that in another stage, you will have a wonderful performance by people


The sun is in the north

From November 18 to December 3, 2000, I went to Oceania with the Liaoning Provincial friendly economic and trade delegation, which lasted 15 days and covered tens of thousands of kilometers. This piece of land in the southern hemisphere makes me feel as if I have entered another world. The sun is high in the sky in the north. All the motor vehicles drive on the left. The tall trees are full of flowers in full bloom. The open grassland


My understanding of animal husbandry and feed industry

Feed industry has become an important industry in the national economy. China's feed industry has developed by leaps and bounds in more than 20 years. China has now become the second largest feed producer in the world. In the near future, we will become the first in the world. As a study of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, engaged in feed production and management of people, deep for me


Our ideal is more than that

"From the sea to the horizon, gold is the shore, the mountain is the top, and the cloud is the peak. The Phoenix stands on the branches of the handsome pine for a long time, and the sound of the waves is still colorful and plum red. " In the spring of 1995, I wrote this poem in Wuhan and faxed it to my friends in Beijing, indicating my intention of inviting you to start a business together. Then I said goodbye to Wuhan and went back to the northeast. Then Ding Yunfeng, Wang Feng


Review of the entrepreneurial process of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd

I graduated as a graduate student in 1989. In 1991, I went to Shenzhen to apply for the position of premix salesman in Zhengda Kangdi (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the first and largest foreign-funded feed enterprise in China at that time. I started to set foot in the feed industry and received a lot of good training. The company doesn't give people formal training, but it provides


Thinking before the 21st century

Human beings are about to enter the information society. The 21st century will be an era full of challenges. At the special moment of the turn of the century and the change of years, we Hefeng company has also born an information ambassador, Hefeng people. As a professional company of animal nutrition research and application, Hefeng animal husbandry is made up of several young people


Jin Weidong: we call for high quality corn

Jin Weidong, chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd., said that the nutrition of corn in question is all testable indicators, such as energy, fat and protein, but some indicators such as freshness, palatability, amino acid binding degree, digestibility and absorption rate are often ignored. Fresh corn is very important


Two million wives in the Qing Dynasty

A speech at the seminar on new political and business relations in Liaoning Province, I'm from Liaoning Province, and now I'm Beipiao. I live in Beijing, and my registered permanent residence is always in Liaoning Province. I am a person who loves my hometown. Recently, many people are talking about the negative news of Liaoning and have negative evaluation on Liaoning. I always firmly defend


Jin Weidong: we come here for success

[preface] on April 29, 2017, chairman Jin Weidong delivered a speech in English at the signing ceremony of Hefeng Indonesia project, which was concise and full of national feelings. Now the original text and translation are published together with you to share. Your Excellency Consul General Gu Jingqi, Respected Business...


The quality of Shuhuai will always be remembered

Mr. Li Shuhuai suffered from cerebral infarction. He was admitted to the Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University on March 12, 2017. He was unable to return to the day. He said goodbye to us at 14:25 p.m. on March 15. He was 55 years old. Mr. Shuhuai wrote a brilliant life with his noble personality, profound knowledge, vigorous style and heroic posture. He has a big heart


Comments on the ten years of Boya Hexun

Boya Hexun was founded ten years ago. Kong Pingtao, the core founder of the company, was born in Luoyang, Henan Province. After graduating from University, he was able to work in the temple of the Ministry of agriculture for many years. During this period, he had a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding of the development of national animal husbandry and its growth law. After working in a clear industry guidance function


Where is life not wonderful

Editor's note: on the afternoon of December 31, 2013, at the invitation of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, chairman Jin Weidong attended the "learning China - century success forum" and delivered a speech on the topic "where life is not wonderful", which was a great success. More than 3000 entrepreneurs from all over the country are not only professional, broad and profound