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Nine songs in Wuhan

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Preface: the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan has affected hundreds of millions of people. It is a treasure of nature and the thoroughfare of nine provinces. Since ancient times, talents have emerged in large numbers and always led the trend. In front of the disaster, you blockaded the city to save others. The most sick people and the most lost relatives in Wuhan. Pay tribute to this heroic city and thank you for your noble character. Following Qu Yuan's nine songs of Chu, the chairman of the board of directors Jin Weidong and his wife jointly created this long poem to pay tribute to the people of Wuhan.

Nine songs in Wuhan

Nine songs one: thoroughfare

Jingchu has a long history, and it has three towns in Wuhan.

The Yangtze River runs through it, and the Han River runs diagonally.

With the title of Bashu and Wu,

Facing Dongting, I become a Jianghan.

Nantong is Xiaoxiang and north is central plains.

South of the five ridges, far away from North China.

There is a long way to go.

Everything from the east to the West,

People from the north and the South gather and disperse.

Four famous towns,

The thoroughfares of nine provinces extend.

Nine song two: Poet

Qu Zi saw the Chu River,

Li Sao and Jiu Ge are full of brilliant works.

On the bowstring River,

I'm a good friend on the stage.

Zhongmou built a city in Jiangxia,

Yuefei stationed troops in Wuchang.

Taibai Ju farewell, Haoran,

The shadow of a lonely sail is far away and the sky is long.

When Huang He goes, Cui Hao,

Hanyang can be seen in Qingchuan.

The Central Committee of the country,

There are outstanding people and beautiful places.

Nine songs three: Fu

Chu is the only one who has ever been the best poet in the world,

The poems of the hundred dynasties are full of the romance of the Tang Dynasty.

Because of fate, there will be Jingchu,

I'm a mixture of wonderful writing and flowers.

My old friend, the Yellow Crane Tower,

Fireworks come down to Yangzhou in March.

I can't go back,

Finally, I can't stay.

Where is the village at dusk,

Yingwuzhou is on the Yanbo river.

It's a long way to go,

I've been searching up and down and running around.

Nine songs four: streets

The bell of Jianghan pass is ringing to open the port,

The opening of land and sea has opened up foreign affairs.

Reading the horse farm,

The first time the gun was fired.

Hanzheng Street,

At the gate of the gate, Zhuo Dao springs up again and again.

Taste delicious food early,

It's in Jiqing street.

Enjoy the colorful cherry blossom in spring,

Lotus flowers in summer,

In autumn, Osmanthus fragrans,

In winter, red plum blossoms are blooming.

Beautiful streets and beautiful lanes,

Jiangcheng is so colorful that I don't love you!

Nine songs five: wind and cloud

In modern China, the wind and clouds are surging,

The revolution of 1911.

Wuchang Uprising blood stained the city,

Peng Liu Yang Road, pine and cypress green.

The labors on the Beijing Wuhan Railway,

On the Bank of Hankou River, the lights are bright,

The people's livelihood has suffered a lot,

I dare to fight.

Peasant movement, wild fire, stars,

In Wuchang, I have been teaching and practicing myself,

Arouse the workers and peasants to change the world,

Turning the tide, the Republic finally came into being.

Nine songs six: Times

When the rooster sings, the darkness goes away,

The land of Jingchu is full of grand plans,

Turtle and snake lock the river, misty rain,

A bridge flies, and the natural moat becomes a thoroughfare.

Metallurgy and shipbuilding industry,

Famous merchants and magnates are important logistics ports.

The national high tech Zone has been studying the heavy equipment of great powers,

The future leads me to see the optical valley in the east of the city.

Chinese workers from Wuhan University gather in Luojia,

Life Sciences surround the East Lake.

Arts and Humanities,

My city is towering and the world is full of feet.

Nine songs seven: food color

The four seasons in the three towns are unforgettable,

In summer, the fire is cold and honeysuckle is cool.

Father and mother in law,

Go out early one I go to school.

Hot and dry noodles are steaming hot,

The pork ribs and lotus root soup is fragrant.

The streets are full of voices,

Taxi numbness two Chasing the road.

Hard work is a tradition,

There is no other food and color in the world.

The acrobatics of Chu songs are well known,

The Chinese tune is long.

1: Premature, literally interpreted as ahead of time, is a popular name in Hubei, that is to eat breakfast. A common breakfast has become a culture in Wuhan. Usually, the whole family goes out to eat a delicious breakfast in various snack bars along the street and then goes to work and go to school.

2: Taxi numbness refers to an electric tricycle carrying passengers. Numbness, Wuhan dialect refers to those who love drinking as life, and later evolved to be called tricycle driver and tricycle named numbness. With the electric tricycle, it has evolved into "taxi numbness".

Nine songs eight: wind

The Spring Festival is coming,

The virus is rampant.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died,

Lingyu's relatives and relatives are more than neighbors.

When singing, I cry without tears,

The plague spread out of the city gate.

Who will give me up to die?

Resolutely seal the city!

With a common hatred against the enemy,

One heart and one heart.

Rescue in all directions,

I sent the God of pestilence.

Huoshen mountain, Leishen mountain,

Protect the beautiful rivers and mountains together.

The heart of the doctor is the heart of the patient,

The same is the same as the original intention.

Nine songs nine: the soul of Han Dynasty

The phoenix of Nirvana,

The road is ragged and difficult to overcome.

With both wisdom and courage, only Chu has talent,

I'm proud of everything.

I don't recognize my life,

I can't stand loneliness, but I have to take risks.

You go sports, I'll play cards,

You rely on hardware. I have software.

You work hard, I smart,

You have something to do with me. I have the guts.

There are many roads to success,

I have Han hunxi's initiative.


Jin Weidong worked briefly in Wuhan.

Mao Donghui grew up in Wuhan and graduated from Wuhan University.

February 6, 2020, Beijing.