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Jin Weidong: three principles of enterprise life

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——Sharing on the public welfare live broadcast of "China Animal media" Beijing Forum

hello everyone! Thank you, President Wu Peijun, for his opening introduction. Today, I have the honor to share with you the topic of "enterprise and life".

One of the signs of modern social progress is that the scale of government is getting smaller and smaller, and more talents enter enterprises and markets. However, the pursuit of enterprise people is not completely consistent with the broader and essential life pursuit outside the enterprise. In shopping malls, we often pay more attention to profit and loss, gain and loss, pay attention to efficiency, and value efficiency. We want to defeat our competitors and obtain economic income. Our broader pursuit of life includes the pursuit of peace, happiness, hope, happiness and life value.

If we are biased, we will take the pursuit of business people as the whole of life, and become like the philosopher Max Weber predicted in his book Protestant Ethics and capitalist spirit a hundred years ago: the development of capitalism in the future will come to the final stage, experts have no soul, indulgent people have no heart, this group of waste crazily think that they have reached the human culture The highest stage of Ming Dynasty.

When it comes to the topic of enterprise life, I think I have a say, because I have been a teacher in the University for a short time, and I have been in the enterprise for the rest of my life. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, he worked as a salesman in a foreign company, and was promoted to a senior manager of a multinational company due to outstanding performance. Then he founded Hefeng animal husbandry in 1995 and became the chairman of this team venture company.

Today is April 1st, April Fool's day. I specially choose to share this topic today, because April 1 has many origins with me.

On April 1, 1991, I accepted an interview with Shenzhen Zhengda Kangdi company and decided to leave the system to do business;

On April 1, 1992, I left Zhengda Kangdi in Shenzhen and went to Beijing Kangdi to start my new career. It was the day when I changed jobs;

On April 1, 1993, due to outstanding performance, I left the Northeast market and became the national business manager of Beijing Kangdi, which was the day of my promotion;

On April 1, 1994, I left Beijing Kangdi and went to Wuhan Huamei, a joint venture factory of American conti company in China, as an assistant to the president. It was the day when I took up my new post.

On April 1, 1995, I decided to set up Hefeng animal husbandry in Shenyang, my hometown in Northeast China.

Today, Hefeng has become a listed company and a multinational company. April 1 has been written into the history of my personal change and growth and Hefeng enterprise. April 1st is April Fool's day. I often make wise decisions on April Fool's day.

In his last speech, Mr. jobs, a great entrepreneur and my idol and founder of Apple company, warned young students to "stay hungry, stay folish." literally, it means to stay in a state of thirst and stupidity.

My friend, Mr. Yuming, was at home this spring festival to think deeply and write an incisive summary of his life. I want to share his views with you today.

He divided his life into five 18 years.

The first period of life is 18-year-old. Life is not a 100 meter dash, but a 10, 000 meter run. In childhood, childhood and adolescence, the core of education is to maintain innocence and romance. In order to cultivate a sound personality, the most important thing is to cultivate etiquette and aesthetic outlook. The cultivation of these two aspects is very important to the future life.

The second 18 years, 19-36 years old, is the growth period of life, is the period from growth to maturity. At this stage, men are afraid of entering the wrong line, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, which is the reality of this period. The magnificence of life lies in fearlessness and bravery. Even if it is a precipice, we should be brave enough to climb it, even if we have no body.

The third 18 years, 37-54 years old, is the mature period of life. I have just left this stage. No matter in my life or in my career, this period requires determination, patience and persistence. Perseverance and bearing humiliation are the standard configuration of this period. Whether it is fruitful or scarred, we can do without restlessness, worry and anxiety. This is the mature wisdom of life.

I have just entered the fourth 18 years of my life, 55-72 years old, which is the harvest period of life. Most people are already enjoying the afterglow of the setting sun, and only a few of them are still bathing in the golden light of the sun. The real difference between people is not in youth, youth and middle age. It may be that in the fourth 18 years, most of the former sages arrived late and should not be afraid of frost on the temples. Early success may not lead to success, late arrival may not fail, good meal is not afraid of late.

The fifth 18 years, 73-90 years old, is the aftertaste of life. The value of life is not the length of life, but the length of life can reflect the value of life. Human beings have been searching for the secret of longevity for a long time, but in the final analysis, there are no more than three. One is gene, the other is mentality, and the third is to cultivate virtue. As for the rest, they are all supplements. Mediocre people tend to pursue the past, great people always embrace the future, the difference between mediocrity and greatness is here. Keep your young heart, always share the beauty of the world, and always believe in the way you are going. This is the golden rule of life.

So, if we want to manage and practice our own enterprise life, whether as the founder and owner of the enterprise, or as the operator and manager of the enterprise, or as the young generation who has just entered the society, what kind of mentality and criteria should we follow to realize the success of our life, so as to pursue the maximization of our life value and not lose our way Myself, not only to be a successful business person, but also to be a qualified capital of a person.

I think the following three principles should be followed.

The first principle is diligence, thrift and altruism. To be a fighter, we should have a goal and take creation and dedication as our duty.

The second principle is to keep the nature and stick to the principle. To be a self-discipline person, you should never forget your original intention, and insist on the combination of righteousness and interest.

The third principle advocates knowledge and lifelong learning. To be a learner, learning is not only the necessity of career, but also the happiness of life. Confucius said in the Analects of Confucius: "it's not a pleasure to learn when you learn." Learning and application is the greatest happiness of life.

First of all, I would like to share and communicate with you the first principle: diligence, thrift, dedication and altruism. In the article, he is willing to bargain with his friends, but he is willing to pay for his own happiness. It is our way of survival to know that giving is greater than return; it is our ultimate disaster that return is greater than payment. If one day we lose our efforts, even when it is glorious, it may be the time of destruction. " I think Hefeng should also look at the gains and losses of interests in the same way. I see that those great winners are indeed practicing the principle of dedication and altruism. Let's take a look at these three people.

Alexander is the first great conqueror in human history. He established an empire spanning Europe, Asia and Africa, and he became the ruler of the world at the age of 33. Alexander was not a brave man. He was the prince of the Macedonian kingdom in the Greek Federation at that time. Later, he led the Greeks to defeat the mighty Persian Empire and conquered Central Asia, North Africa and India. Before he went to the war, he decided to give all his property, including coins and livestock, to his subordinates. His subordinates asked him, "leader, you give these to us, what do you leave behind?" "I leave hope behind, and as long as there is hope, I have everything," he said Such a great military genius actually has a stronger pursuit of moral ideals. Because Alexander was a student of Aristotle. Aristotle learned from Plato, and Plato's teacher was a Western sage like the Confucius sage in China - Socrates.

The second man is also known as Einstein, the man of success and the great master of science. He was a scientist with a high sense of responsibility for mankind. He not only laid the theoretical foundation of the atomic bomb, helped mankind to end the Second World War, and avoided the threat of Nazi and Japanese militarism to the whole world. After the war, he also took the risk of deliberately leaking the theoretical knowledge of the atomic bomb to other countries in the opposite camp, so that the United States could not blackmail all of them Other countries. Einstein said: "all the successful people in human history are great men in morality. Even in the field of science, the role of morality is unimaginable."

The third man is a pure entrepreneur, a businessman - George Merck. Now one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the United States is Merck. A few years ago, there was a book called Merck, a pharmaceutical family, about the fraud scandal of Merck pharmaceutical factory. Merck pharmaceutical enterprises originated in Europe and Germany. At first, the company was called Merck. Due to the conflict of interests, the company was divided and ruled by brothers. Now it is also called Merck in Europe and Merck in the United States. When they founded this pharmaceutical enterprise, there was not so much negative information as it does today. I think this is not the original intention of the founder, but the behavior of many greedy operators who only look at the immediate interests. When George Merck founded this enterprise, he wrote down the enterprise tenet: Please always remember that medicine is made for patients, not for profit. As long as we stick to this belief and relieve the pain of patients, profits will surely follow.

Mr. Qiu Jiahui, vice president of Hefeng, shared the above sentence in the circle of friends during the Spring Festival. He saw that most of those who had a strong interest in pursuit of it succeeded for a short time, and finally burned themselves to pieces, while those who had no desire did nothing and died. It's true, especially in business, that having no desire is the biggest disaster. Under the new epidemic situation, I led Hefeng to return to work very early, risking the risk of returning to work. When the executive vice mayor of Dalian, Lu Lin, saw the relevant reports, he replied to me with a deep heart and philosophy: entrepreneurs with passion are the precious wealth of the country and society! An entrepreneur has no desire, no pursuit, and a country and nation has no desire, no pursuit, and becomes Buddha nature. What will happen? Recently, I heard that a new generation of young men in Japan have become "herbivorous men". They do not marry, love or have sex. I think this is the biggest survival crisis of the country.

So how do you balance a strong personal desire with your own good ethics? Adam Smith said: "business success is not determined by morality, but by the pursuit of self-interest. The dinner we're looking forward to comes not from the kindness of butchers, winemakers or bakers, but from their special concern for their own interests. " It's true, but if this pursuit is not constrained by higher moral values and outlook on life, I think it will also go to the extreme of destruction. So we all remember that Adam Smith's wealth of nations is based on this argument. Many people, including me, did not read his other book, the theory of moral sentiment. I think a real modern entrepreneur should combine his strong desire for success with his lofty altruism. He should not only pursue his own success, but also base his success on creating welfare for society and others and contributing value. Speaking of this, I would like to invite you to watch a short video. After I saw it, I felt very shocked and even self abased.

Video content:

Most passengers turn a blind eye to an old man who bought a ticket without a seat. A lady sitting in the room stood up and offered her seat to the old man. She said that she had no ticket. Before the person in this seat came up, she could let the old man sit down first. The old man asked the lady how long it would take to get off the bus. The lady said, "about five hours, not very long."

The conductor began to check in. When the lady presented her ticket, the seat was clearly shown on the top. In the face of the conductor's puzzled expression, the lady quietly made a "secret" gesture. The conductor was moved by the lady and told her that there was a free seat in the back carriage, but it was a little far away, and he was willing to take her there. Surprisingly, what the lady took from the rack was not luggage, but a pair of crutches. With a smile on her face, the lady struggled to follow the conductor to the free seat. People around her were surprised. The real kindness is when you are ready to give up something that you need yourself

I think it's altruistic to be kind to the following three groups.

The first is kindness to others who are not related to you. We struggle by ourselves, we get what we enjoy, we enjoy our luxury cars and BMW, and we are rich in clothes and food. It seems to be a matter of course. When we have wealth again, sometimes we will take care of our relatives and take care of our relatives. So when can we use our surplus wealth, happily and willingly, to help those who have nothing to do with us, or even, like the lady in the video, use what we need to help others when we are not satisfied? I think this is a more noble life.

The second is a friendly attitude towards the weak. In this epidemic situation, many people are taking the initiative to donate money and materials. After receiving the notice of supporting Hubei, 500 medical workers in Dalian have no hesitation to board the plane within four hours. This kind of behavior of helping the weak at the critical moment is their attitude towards the weak. In fact, caring for and caring for the weak is a sign of a civilized society. Caring for and caring for the frustrated rather than flattering the superior.

The third is kindness to animals. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, once said: the attitude of a country and nation to animals shows the moral standards of the country and nation. This outbreak also exposed the retaliatory disaster caused by our hunting and wild consumption of wild animals.

The second rule of business life that I want to share and discuss with you is: keep the true colors and stick to the principles.

My friend said in his little article: "the greatest misfortune in life is to compare with others. If you are stronger than others, you will feel proud; if you are less than others, you will feel inferior. If you do something right, you will be conceited; if you do something wrong, you will blame yourself. If you are unlucky, you blame God and others; if you are unlucky, you will gloat. There is also a kind of people who are dignified before others and suffer after others; revelry before people and loneliness after people. Such people live not for themselves, but for others. "

At the most serious stage of the epidemic in Wuhan, Hubei Province, my wife and I stayed at home to read the songs of Chu and the nine songs. Since we live at home and can't do anything about the epidemic situation in Wuhan, Hubei Province, can we write a long poem like Qu Yuan's nine songs to praise Wuhan and the people of Hubei Province, so as to boost everyone's morale and drive them Courage. I was very excited when I thought of this idea, so I started to write on February 5 and 6, collecting materials, fighting at night, and writing such a long poem.

One of the thoroughfares in "Nine Songs of Wuhan" talks about the status of the thoroughfare of nine provinces in Wuhan

Nine songs one: thoroughfare

Jingchu has a long history, and it has three towns in Wuhan.

The Yangtze River runs through it, and the Han River runs diagonally.

With the title of Bashu and Wu,

Facing Dongting, I become a Jianghan.

Nantong is Xiaoxiang and north is central plains.

South of the five ridges, far away from North China.

There is a long way to go.

Everything from the east to the West,

People from the north and the South gather and disperse.

Four famous towns,

The thoroughfares of nine provinces extend.

The second part of the nine songs of Wuhan, the poet, writes about the poets, literati and military generals of Wuhan, Hubei Province, from ancient times to the present

Nine song two: Poet

Qu Zi saw the Chu River,

Li Sao and Jiu Ge are full of brilliant works.

On the bowstring River,

I'm a good friend on the stage.

Zhongmou built a city in Jiangxia,

Yuefei stationed troops in Wuchang.

Taibai Ju farewell, Haoran,

The shadow of a lonely sail is far away and the sky is long.

When Huang He goes, Cui Hao,

Hanyang can be seen in Qingchuan.

The Central Committee of the country,

There are outstanding people and beautiful places.

In the first sentence of the poet, "Qu Zijian Fang" and "Jian" are generally not used as "Bei". Only in this sentence, "seeing and releasing" means "being banished". My inspiration came from reading "Fisherman" in Chuci in middle school. It talked about Qu Yuan's exile, and used this "seeing and releasing". "Fisherman" said that "Qu Yuan is both free, swimming in the river and pool, singing about the bank, color haggard, haggard." The fisherman was a fisherman. Seeing this, he asked, "the son is not a doctor of Sanlu (isn't this Sanlu doctor?"? Why did you get there Qu Yuan said, "the whole world is turbid and I am pure. Everyone is drunk and I wake up alone, so that I can see the release (so I was exiled)" The fisherman said, "the sage does not cling to things, but can move on with the world. The world is turbid, why not spread its mud and wave? Everyone is drunk. Why not feed it bad and eat it? Why should we think highly of it and let it go as it should be? " It means you should be easy-going and not so cold. Qu Yuan said: "I heard that, the new bath will play the crown, the new bath will shake the clothes; can you observe with the body, receive the Wen Wen Wen of things? He would rather go to XiangLiu and be buried in the belly of river fish. Can an be bright and white, and be covered with secular dust? " The fisherman chuckled and went away. He sang, "the water of Canglang is clear enough to wash my tassels; the turbid water of Canglang can wash my feet." Then he went away, and he did not speak again. The fisherman thought Qu Yuan was hopeless, stereotyped, dogmatic, and even unwilling to talk to him any more. I think the attitude of fisherman is the attitude of most people. It is the attitude of ordinary people who can adapt to the environment and survive better. Qu Yuan is a wise man who would rather die than surrender and stick to his principles and beliefs. So many flexible mortals are buried in the crowd. We don't know what his name is. However, the wise people, such as Qu Yuan, live in our hearts and become the figures that Chinese must sacrifice every year. Therefore, the Miluo River and the Dragon Boat Festival have become symbols for Chinese people to commemorate Qu yuan. Therefore, the principle makes the person magnificent, the principle lets the person remember.

Hefeng company also adheres to its own principles. On April 1, 1995, after I returned to Northeast China, I had a long talk with six other partners all night. In April, I wrote such a piece of writing less than 100 words, which is our creed. We call it "Hefeng declaration". There are three sentences in it: first, Hefeng company always starts from the needs of customers and constantly develops new products; second, it never follows the old-fashioned principle, Third, Hefeng company always takes serving the society as the purpose, and develops itself with science and technology and creative labor. Over the past 25 years, a word has not been changed. The content of the "Hefeng declaration", that is, using today's standards, I think also fully conforms to the core values of the real society. The core of Article 1 is innovation; the core of Article 2 is integrity; and the core of Article 3 is responsibility and dedication.

Last year, for the first time, our company asked a consulting agency to give us guidance on performance excellence management. In the first class, the teacher cited a lot of cases, among them, IBM spent $300 million in 2003, and asked consulting companies to sort out their core corporate values, and finally came up with new IBM core values. When the words were projected onto the screen, I was surprised to find that IBM's core values and "Hefeng Manifesto" are only different in order, and the contents are almost the same It's 100% consistent. Therefore, it can be said that Shifeng has a high degree of insight.

Each of us has his own pursuit and hopes to be a respected and recognized person. Unfortunately, it is often misplaced. Everyone has three images: first, the real image. What kind of person are you? Second, subjective image. What kind of person do you think you are? Third, objective image, what kind of person are you in the eyes of others? If these three images are highly overlapped or completely overlapped, I think you are a wise person. Unfortunately, many people are often neither aware of themselves nor recognized by others, neither know people nor treat themselves correctly. The differences and differences among these three images, I think, are actually the differences and differences in the level of success in life. Who can tell us exactly? Not ourselves, not our colleagues, not our stakeholders.

Zou Ji did not know who was beautiful with Xu Gong. He asked his wife and said, "you are beautiful!" He asked his concubine again and said, "you are beautiful." He asked his guests again and said, "you are beautiful." Later, he found that he did not have Xu Gongmei. He concluded: "the beauty of my wife is private; the beauty of my concubine is the fear of me; the beauty of guests is the desire of me."

So who can see the most clearly, objectively and truly? I think it's these three kinds of people.

The first is our descendants. Later generations see that we are not biased, and do not have the color of superstition. Our children sometimes talk to the point. During the Spring Festival, the son of a Hefeng executive asked him, "Dad, did you donate money to the epidemic?" My father said, "I'm a shareholder of Hefeng, and the company donated money." The son said, "I asked if you have contributed personally?" My father said, "I am a shareholder. If the company donates money, it means I do." The son said, "that's OK." I think the expectations of my son are more than that. Young people, especially those who are not polluted by society, have clear eyes and have more real judgment.

Second, I think it's women. Women, unlike men, are always competitive and selfish. It's easy to judge a woman who is outside. Even if you are an enemy, if you do well, she will give you high marks; even if it is a relative, you lie and cheat, and women often can't tolerate it. I remember an ancient Greek soldier fleeing from battle and returning to his home. He expected his wife to help him hide it. His wife took him back to the military camp. When he later died in battle and became a hero, the lady was widowed for him for life and raised his children. I think it's more fair for which group has more women. There is a joke that seven people in a unit are men, and there are two places to go abroad, so we decide to vote. Each candidate has two people. In the end, who gets more votes and who goes abroad. However, each of the seven people voted for his own vote, and the other vote for the most unlikely person, the old man of the night watch. Finally, he went abroad alone. Because men sometimes distort, with a selfish, strong competitive mentality to see the outside world.

Third, I think it's the enemy. The enemy can see us more accurately, they hold a strict standard to see what we have done, and the enemy can really not show mercy to us.

We should stand up to the judgment of later generations, women and enemies.

I would also like to give a few examples of how to maintain the true colors and stick to the principles.

The first example is Einstein's old coat. Einstein is a Nobel Prize winner, but he is a very simple man in his life. He had just arrived in the United States from Germany and was always wearing a shabby, gray coat at Princeton University. Others said, "you are a great scientist, you should dress better." Einstein said, "it doesn't matter. No one knows me anyway." A few years later, Einstein's reputation was well known. At this time, people say, "you should change your old coat and get a new one." Einstein said, "it doesn't matter. Everyone knows me anyway."

The second example is Bill Gates' suit. Bill Gates is extremely rich. Even if he now ranks his personal wealth among the countries in the world, it is the level of the top 50 countries. He is so rich that when parking, in order to reduce the parking fee, he tries to park his car far away from the office building, because the parking space in the far place is cheap. Bill Gates has been doing charity all the year round and has been running around Africa. He has invested a long time in the research on the pathogenicity of the new coronavirus, and has made early warning speeches. He has also invested a lot of money in Ebola virus research, in solving the drinking water problem in Africa, in solving the parasite problem in Africa, and in solving the global malaria epidemic and other issues. But the cheap suit he often wore was bought for $100 while traveling in Thailand.

A third example is Zuckerberg's car, the rising star of the world's richest man. Zuckerberg is also rich, his wife is a Chinese. What kind of car is his car for such a rich man? We can't believe that Zuckerberg's car is a Honda Fit hatchback. Zuckerberg is not only rich, but also very knowledgeable. When he made a speech at Tsinghua University, he used accurate and fluent Chinese almost all the time.

The fourth example is the diet of Warren Buffet, the great investor. Buffett is a very diligent person, Berkshire Hathaway's annual board of directors report is his own carefully, hundreds of pages, more than 100000 words. Compared with him, I feel embarrassed. Most of the reports of the shareholders' meeting and the annual report of the board of directors of Hefeng are formulaic. They are filled out by the staff as required by the listed companies. However, there are few parts that we write with our own heart. Buffett is not only diligent, but also a monotonous and simple man. McDonald's is the most common drink he drinks. Of course, it may be because he bought their shares, but even if he did, how much delicious food and delicious food can be enjoyed in the world?

I think these people have a high power of faith. They can keep their true colors and original minds.

I see that successful people have these things in common. I don't mean success in the general sense, but very successful people. They are simple people, honest people, diligent people. Of course, simple, honest, diligent, also did not succeed. However, those who can really stand the test and scrutiny have the virtues of simplicity, integrity and diligence.

Hefeng can't be compared with their success, but Hefeng is also a very natural and principled company. Hefeng now has more than a dozen senior executives. We all have no drivers or secretaries. We drive our own cars, travel on business, book hotels, book air tickets, do PPT, write articles, solve problems and think on our own. We are not so luxurious, so we are not degenerate. We still enjoy the happiness of ordinary people and the rights of ordinary people. After buying a mobile phone, I'm happy to explore all its functions; I can drive any car I have in my hand. I can also drive off in the morning and get thousands of miles away in a day. I think this is also used in the waste, not in the door.

The process of Hefeng's listing is more difficult than that of ordinary companies. It has been 4.5 years, and it can not go up and down again, which seriously affects the mood and the rhythm of enterprise management. In the third year, a good friend, who was also a partner of Hefeng, came to me and said that there was a man who had a good command of things and could guarantee us to go public. If we gave him 500000 yuan, we would be able to go public. Listing is a financing scale of hundreds of millions, and 500000 is not a cost. If the company delays listing for one year, the cost paid by the enterprise, including audit, accountant, lawyer and securities company, is not more than 500000? I have to say under pressure. However, after hesitating for a whole night, we pondered bitterly that when we were studying, we thought of "rejuvenating China, starting with me", "the dung was the Marquis of the year", and opposed to all social injustice. How can I give up the principle and seek the listing of enterprises in an unfair way? I didn't discuss with any other shareholders of Hefeng. I called the partner the next day and said, "I thought about it all night. I decided not to do so. I still want to reply and go public in a formal way." On the night before Hefeng's IPO, I was reading the prospectus to prepare for the next day's IPO defense. Liu Xuyang, head of the securities firm and general manager of GF Securities, came in. He was a talented graduate of Peking University and had rich experience in investment banking. Unfortunately, he committed suicide two years ago because of depression. At that time, he half joked and half sarcastically said to me: "Mr. Jin, this is not what you should do tonight, this is what the sponsor and the secretary do. You should go out for public relations." I said, "no, Xuyang, I don't want to go to public relations. I want to have a defense, just like I get a master's degree, and get a degree through defense." The next day, I answered more questions as chairman of the board than any other company. I think 60% - 70% of the questions are answered by me. After the defense, we were not told whether we would attend the meeting on the spot, but when we were out of the meeting, we hugged each other excitedly, because our intuition told us, "we can certainly pass the meeting." When we announced the result of the defense at noon, Hefeng passed the meeting without reservation, and all the seven IEC members agreed to our meeting. In general, the listing of a company is conducted with qualified opinions. One or two members of the IEC do not agree, because as long as five members agree, they can go through the meeting. It is said that only 4% of listed companies can get unqualified opinions.

There are also some aspects of Hefeng's development that are not so competitive.

As we all know, there has been a big bribery case in Liaoning Province, and many people have been disqualified as deputies to the provincial people's Congress and the National People's Congress. Some friends called and asked if I was affected? I smile bitterly. I am not a deputy to the provincial people's Congress, and I have not run for election as a deputy to the National People's Congress. How can I take bribes? Where is bribery needed? In fact, I was not only a deputy to the provincial people's Congress, but also a deputy to the Shenyang Municipal People's Congress. At that time, there were 200 entrepreneurs in Shenyang who could serve as deputies to the Municipal People's Congress. Based on the scale of Hefeng, my education background and ability to participate in political affairs, I think the top 10 entrepreneurs deserve to be elected. As a result, at the election venue, I lost the election on the spot. For half a day, I was very frustrated, and I felt very shameless. Later, an old leader I respected learned about it and sent me a message saying, "Weidong, you don't have to feel ashamed and blame yourself. It should be that you feel ashamed and criticized in front of you for the election results like this. People are not allowed to be too pure in the primary stage of socialism. If you want to stick to your principles, you have to pay for it. But to be an entrepreneur is very good, very great, and a contributor. Don't think so much. As long as you do a good job in the enterprise, you will always be invincible. "

In February of this year, I sent such a picture in my circle of friends that "the positive Qi is stored inside, and evil cannot be done.". I think the new epidemic is coming, but a person with good health and strong immunity has a greater chance of survival and a greater possibility of not being infected. Even if you are infected, you can overcome it because positive Qi is stored inside. Similarly, to do a business and pursue success, even in the business field, should be full of righteousness, should be upright. I often tell the story of an Afghan village head in my company. The village head was very brave. Whenever the devil came to their village, he would fight with the devil with an axe. Every time, the devil fled. One day, the devil put a pile of money under his pillow while he was sleeping at night. When the village head woke up in the morning and saw the money, he knew it was sent by the devil. But he thought that only he knew that others didn't know, he would take the money down. He thought: Although I received the money, the devil came, I would still beat him away. When the devil really came during the day, he did not beat the devil this time. Before he fell to the ground and was killed, he asked the devil, "I want to know why you can't beat me before, but I can't beat you today?" The devil said, "because before you had no selfish heart, you were strong. Today you have selfish heart, you are no longer strong."

Finally, I would like to share and discuss with you the third enterprise life principle: advocating knowledge and lifelong learning.

In the field of knowledge, I think everyone has a good systematic education from primary school to secondary school to university. Education makes us gradually become experts in a certain field, which is the so-called specialty. However, no matter what your major is in the end, I think those common knowledge and common sense are the more solid foundation for your success. What background does an entrepreneur have? He said generously, "I certainly have a background. My background is incomparably powerful, that is common sense." Our country has today's progress and development, thanks to our education system, the education system of talents are normal university graduates. Normal University is not an education university or a teacher university. Its English is normal university. Normal is common sense. Common sense is the foundation of China's reform and opening up.

The British and Americans say that because the Chinese are good at math, they contribute at least one percentage point of GDP. The most basic knowledge is mathematics, which is the most advanced management language. What management to the end is logic, all is mathematical analysis. Probability theory tells us that it is impossible to wait for a rabbit; game theory tells us that we must adopt the scheme of changing to change in order to succeed; while calculus tells us that there is still a strict logical relationship between variable quantities and quantities; geometry, especially solid geometry and analytic geometry, teach us the logic between graphs. The direct application of mathematics in management is accounting. Many people think it is very common. In fact, accounting is the foundation of management. MBA is far from as good as accounting. I think if you can learn accounting well and push forward further, if you are good at mathematics and logical ability, you should have the opportunity to become a very high-level senior manager. Besides mathematics, physics is the most direct application of mathematics. Physics reveals the movement law and essence of all things. And then there's chemistry, which is actually physics at the molecular level. Smaller than molecules, it's physics - quantum physics. Moreover, it is larger than the molecular weight of chemistry, which is a variety of Applied Sciences. When it comes to the angle and scale of the celestial body and the earth, it is physics again - geophysics, astrophysics and cosmophysics. Physics and chemistry are the best. Therefore, mathematics is fire, lighting up the lamp of physics; physics is the lamp, illuminating the road of chemistry; chemistry is the way, leading us to understand everything.

In addition to these basic mathematical and chemical, the rich expression of Chinese actually benefits people for life. The rich language makes people's life colorful. Then, as other people's language and writing is a foreign language, let you broader, more international, know the world's grand and majestic. Many entrepreneurs at the beginning of the reform and opening up were not good at mathematics, physics, chemistry and Chinese, let alone foreign languages? And they've got the high ground in these countries. If this phenomenon does not change, not by his own promotion, not by his descendants transformed into an educated person, not because of his failure, by the stronger, more qualified to replace him, then the country is still highly immature, the society is highly unreasonable.

In 2003, I visited India as a member of the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs. The day coincided with the mayoral election in the capital of India, so Tata company, the host company, could not spare no effort to complete the reception schedule agreed by both sides. They said, "I'm sorry, we elect the mayor today." An entrepreneur of our delegation asked me a question that made me very angry on the spot. He asked, "are you the Secretary of the municipal Party committee or the city grew up in New Delhi?" This is not a joke. This is a question asked by one of our top ten outstanding young people and entrepreneurs in 2003. When I flew to that province and got off the plane, the first advertisement I saw was his real estate advertisement. That is to say, during that visit, Hefeng had the opportunity to establish contact with the baidia family in Nepal, and later established Nepal Hefeng.

Because most of our delegation could not speak English, the accompanying translators were translated to iron and steel enterprises, then to chemical enterprises, and then to textile enterprises and pharmaceutical enterprises. But each domain has the specialized language, is difficult to translate accurately, therefore the exchange is very bad. Our leaders, our league members and our entrepreneurs can't speak foreign languages, while Indian entrepreneurs and Nepalese entrepreneurs come to meet from all over the world by plane and have high expectations for us. Later, people said rudely, "we are very surprised. You are the delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs. Is China's wealth in the hands of people without knowledge and culture?" At that time, our commander could not sit still. He came to me quietly and asked me, "Weidong, can you speak English directly?" I said, "yes. However, five people were allowed to speak, and we 26 entrepreneurs did not arrange for me to speak. " "Now let's talk about your business and the purpose of your trip," he said I said, "that's good." After I finished speaking, a Nepalese Minister who was present at that time told his father about Hefeng when he went back. His father went to the Chinese ambassador to Nepal and said, "I must see this entrepreneur surnamed Jin." His father is the richest man in Nepal, Mr. baidia. He is very influential and respected in Nepal. After a few months of mutual understanding and in-depth exchanges, we jointly established Nepal Hefeng. Now Hefeng is the largest feed producer in Nepal. We have three factories in Nepal. I think that knowledge is power, and it has been displayed incisively and vividly in the process of Hefeng's internationalization.

In addition to the application of a lot of knowledge in career development, in fact, knowledge is applied everywhere in life. There is a big step forward in men's toilet. However, the most different translation to the city is the same. But a few days ago, I saw the real correct translation on the news headlines: we aim to please, you aim too, please. We are committed to making you happy, so please aim at it. Aim to, aim too the same sentence pattern, consistent pronunciation, express very accurate meaning. It made me feel very ashamed.

In addition, the dialectical thinking and logic of philosophy are the most important knowledge in enterprises and our life. This knowledge has benefited me a lot. When I was a graduate student in Shenyang Agricultural University, there were two compulsory courses for science graduate students. One was foreign language, the other was dialectics of nature. Many of us regard dialectics of nature as a political course and are unwilling to learn it. I also had this misunderstanding at the beginning. But later I learned that our teacher, Professor Yao debing, was very strict. Every year, 20% of the students failed. So I crammed for help temporarily and began to study hard in the middle of the course. As soon as I learned, I found that it was fun and wonderful, so I enjoyed it. In the final exam, I got a wrong answer to a small question. In fact, I know the correct answer, but I have my own thinking. The other four are argumentative questions. Of course, I can't judge how many points I can get, but I think it should be a high score. At the conclusion of the examination, Mr. Yao told everyone: "Jin Weidong has set the highest score since the beginning of the course. He got 98 points. He could have got 100 points because he knew the correct answer to this small multiple-choice question, but he insisted on his own principle." I was overjoyed. The study of this course has benefited me all my life. On the other hand, what I should know is the contradiction between the opposite disciplines and the development of all things. On the other hand, what I should know is the contradiction between the opposite disciplines and the development of all things. On the other hand, what I should know is the contradiction between the development of science and the law of development Therefore, dialectics of nature is not only a scientific philosophy, but also a philosophy of business and life.

What is human pursuit? Many people want to be high-ranking officials. Many people want to have big money. But do senior officials want their sons to be officials in the future? Most of them are not. Do rich people want their sons to go back to business in the future? Most of them are not. Because they all know the hardships in business and the weird in official career. However, no matter the developed, the underdeveloped, the rich or the poor, the powerful or the powerless, most of them hope that their future generations will become knowledgeable people. In order to learn from them, we are willing to do our best. In fact, the common ideal of mankind is to become an intellectual. The English name of intellectuals is intellectual. I saw this viewpoint in an English article half a year ago. I think it is too right. When we become intellectuals, even during the war, Napoleon will put us in the middle of the team to protect us; when we become intellectuals, no matter what kind of world we are, we can always settle down, we do not have to accumulate so much external things for the future crisis, we do not have to follow the trend, we have to be an official under someone, anyway No matter where you go, you will benefit the whole world. If you are poor, you can take care of yourself. Intellectuals are the conscience of the society and the eyes of the times. The era when intellectuals have the right to speak is often the prosperous age of Changping.

I see that some entrepreneurs also have the pursuit of becoming intellectuals, and they have repeatedly upgraded their educational background. Some business owners now have doctorates, and some even become visiting professors. I think nine of the 10 visiting professors on their business cards are for fame. I am a real doctoral supervisor and a professor, but I never dare to write these titles on my business card, but I cherish this honor in my heart. I worked as a doctoral supervisor in animal husbandry economics and management at my alma mater, Shenyang Agricultural University. Professor Li Mingzhe, the founder of the discipline, has been dead for more than ten years. He was one of the first batch of doctoral tutors in China in the early 1980s. When I studied with him, he had a special preference for me. At the end of the course, he took my hand and said, "Jin Weidong, I see the future of China in you." Mr. Li and I are friends who forget their years. Since he retired, there has been no doctor in this subject for a long time. Before his death, Mr. Li solemnly recommended me. After assessment, the school invited me to serve as a doctoral supervisor. I am also very strict with enrollment and the growth of students. In the past five years, I have only recruited two doctoral students. I think my doctoral tutor is relatively weak, and I should recruit stronger students. I am glad that these two students are very studious and progressive. They have successively passed the examination of graduate students studying abroad at public expense, one went to Wageningen University in the Netherlands, the other to the University of Michigan in the United States, to systematically study with their foreign tutors Xi. Now Shuangshuang has returned to China. This month, my first student has met the requirements for graduation defense. His thesis has been officially published in foreign journals. The thesis of my second doctoral student is in the final stage of examination and approval in the influential journals in China. I think it's a great honor for me.

I think I founded Hefeng under my leadership. I can be equal with other entrepreneurs. However, I have really guided and cultivated two doctoral students. They will become useful talents of the society and the pillars of the country in the future. This is a more gratifying achievement for me. Of course, there are also some small achievements. For example, last month, my wife and I wrote the nine songs of Wuhan. Many people like it, and the number of readers reaches tens of thousands. However, China News Agency has posted it to its own website. There are millions and millions of readers on the website of China News Agency. Many overseas media also reprint it. Some of them don't know my friends and turn around to me. I feel that the elegant and elegant words and the neat and beautiful rhythm in the poems make readers happy and make me proud of the author.

I am a graduate of veterinary medicine from Agricultural University. I am a direct reading Master of physiology and biochemistry. Now, in addition to serving as the chairman of my own enterprise, I also participate in some activities of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee as a representative of non party intellectuals. The non party personages contacted by the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee are all social sages from all walks of life, which can be said to be full of talents. Chen Zhu, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, economists Lin Yifu and Li Daokui, and sun Qixin, President of China Agricultural University, all come from this sector. The year before last, I organized you to visit Gansu Province. Among the 20 odd members of the delegation, there were five vice governors, six academicians and six economists. However, after more than 10 days of investigation activities, people need to speak wherever they go and express their opinions independently. Everyone has a different impression. At the parting time, a vice mayor of Sichuan said goodbye to you. He said, "I'm sorry, I have to go first. I'm very happy to spend 10 days with so many outstanding people. I want to say that if I have an idol in my life, Kim will always be my idol. Of course, all of you are excellent, but my premise is that if there is only one person to be an idol, it is Mr. Jin. " At this time, a great economist in our team turned back and asked me again: "Mr. Jin, what major are you studying?" I took a look at him and joked, "I'm a student of knowledge." In fact, the next sentence I want to say is "I'm from the earth knowledge bureau", but I don't dare to be so crazy. Knowledge is power. No matter where we go, we are entrepreneurs, we have wealth, we have enterprises and we have products. Therefore, we can always win the respect and recognition of others, but this is not as important as having personality, knowledge and learning ability.

The person next to me in the picture is the director of International Department of Japanese Ham Company, whose name is toda. I went to Japan Ham Company, because Hefeng exported meat products to Japan, so I had several contacts with them. Hefeng was respected by the partners and I was recognized by everyone. Unfortunately, they did not see their minister in several exchanges. When the minister comes back from abroad and hears their praise of me, he must come to China to meet me. When we met in Shenyang, he said to me directly in English: "we can talk directly without translation. I've heard your story and they told me that you are very knowledgeable, very knowledgeable and can speak English I feel very happy to communicate directly. He grew up in Czechoslovakia, and later lived and engaged in business activities in Australia. Now he is the general head of the company's overseas procurement. We did our best to welcome him. The wine he drank was Australian Shiraz. When Australian Prime Minister visited China, the wine used at the state banquet was Shiraz. When we brought the wine up, he didn't see the bottle. He took a sip and said, "ah, this is Shiraz." I asked him in English, "how do you know?" "I've lived in Australia for many years and I know Australian wine very well," he said I said, "do you know where Silas are made?" He told me the exact location. I think he is too good. He can know what kind of wine this is, can know the grape variety, and also know the exact origin. It's amazing! I just wanted to challenge him. I asked, "do you really know Sheila?" He said, "of course I do." I said, "I don't think you really know Syrah." He said, "why not?" He was a little excited. I said, "do you think Syrah is a grape variety?" "Of course." I said, "no, Syrah is the name of a city." "Is it?" "Of course." "Where is the city?" "Sila was a city in ancient Persia, now it is called salazi in Iran. The great civilization of ancient Persia first produced the technology of wine making. At that time, Iran was not an Islamic country, and everyone was a Boozer. As the wine produced by the grapes of Syrah is particularly famous, after Greece defeated Persia, it brought grape varieties and wine making technology to Europe, to France, Spain and Italy. Later, during the colonial period, Shiraz grapes were brought to Australia, New Zealand and Chile. Later, due to the humid and rainy climate in Europe, grapes became ill and almost extinct in Europe. If you want to have a good Sirah, you can only drink from Australia, New Zealand and Chile. Now we're not just drinking a glass of wine, we're savoring the great Persian civilization. " After I told the story, he said, "I have done a lot of homework before I came here. They all told me that you are a very well-known person, but I didn't expect that you could test me even with a bottle of wine." Although it baffled him, our feelings deepened. We can expect this cooperation to bring us more sales and business share. We are not willing to be just a bargaining, unrecognized and disrespectful supplier. We are willing to be a cooperator. First of all, the cooperator is the cooperation between people, first of all, people's similar values and recognition of each other's knowledge level.

This is the theme song I wrote last year when the international rowing competition was held in Shenyang. Mr. Wu is invited to write a competition theme for them. Mr. Wu Dawei is the ci writer of "where peach blossom is blooming" and "red star song". When Mr. Wu finished, they heard that I was also a poet. They sent it to me and said, "Mr. Jin, can you help me to have a look?" I'm having breakfast at home. I read it. Of course, what Mr. Wu wrote is excellent. If you don't write it for me, you can write it like this. I just spent 20 minutes writing this song, because I think rowing is not like dragon boat racing? The dragon boat race is to commemorate Qu Yuan, so I will write it in the style of Chuci. The rowing and rowing are all neat and uniform. I want to write with strict rules. The length and rhythm of words should be the same. In addition, the resultant force of each oar should not be formed after the rowing. So I want to use palindrome to write, that is, the beginning of the next sentence is the end of the previous sentence. With these three principles in mind, I wrote "Shen Shui Jing Du" in one stroke. The organizing committee reluctantly parted between the two dilemmas and finally chose my lyrics. Now please enjoy the song sung by Mr. Liu Hui, chairman of Liaoning Musicians Association.

OK, dear friends, my sharing is over. I was commissioned by the Beijing Feed Association to do the premiere of this series of live broadcast. There are many entrepreneurs to share their own topics with you. Thank you for inviting me, elder sister Wang Xiuyan, the old president of Beijing feed industry association. As the epidemic situation is about to be a great victory, our country will move from the silent state of thousands of horses to a new climax of development, which will catch up with the social, economic and production losses caused by the previous few months. We hope to improve our competitiveness by sharing experience and learning from each other, so as to jointly promote the development of China's animal husbandry and feed industry, produce meat, eggs and milk, and benefit all mankind

Thank you!

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