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The general manager's letter from home made the staff respond so affectionately

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Dear ruminants

I want to write a letter to you, but I have a different feeling. All of a sudden, I think of my correspondence in my school days.

Perhaps we have forgotten the era when there was no computer, wechat and QQ. Modern communication tools seem to make our emotional communication a little dull. Although communication has been convenient, it will certainly reduce the emotional expression of words. I haven't started writing for a long time. Last year, I wrote a letter to my eldest daughter on her 10th birthday, expressing my strong father's love and good expectations for her future. This time, I'd like to thank the chairman of the group for his affectionate proposal. At the just concluded Liaoning mid year meeting, the chairman suggested that each manager should write a letter to his employees after the meeting to express his greetings, thanks and encouragement, and introduce the achievements made in the first half of the year and the current difficulties. At the same time, he encouraged all of us to work together in the same boat to overcome the difficulties and spare no effort to continue to create the brilliance of the second half of the year!

Ruminant was established in 2009, with 6 original salesmen and other staff now established. We started at a staggering pace, achieving a sales volume of 40519 tons and a profit of 1.31 million yuan in that year. Over the past 11 years, we have achieved a total of 1.42 million tons of sales and substantial profits - 14% CAGR and 36% CAGR. In the first half of this year, under the situation of the global new crown epidemic, on the basis of years of high base, our sales volume increased by 31% year-on-year, and the profit increased by 3%. These achievements were achieved by the ruminants' conscientiousness, sweating, fighting against the heroes and sweeping the battlefield; it was the roar of machinery at night, the busy figure of colleagues, and the foot of marching forward in the torrential rain Step, is drunk again raised the cup, is the countless unknown ruminants and once ruminants out of the struggle! Create value, green spring without regret!

At the end of the meeting, the chairman made a precise comment. Although our profit growth in the first half of the year was not good, we also got his affirmation and praise. At the scene, my blood is boiling, and I want to share my joy and excitement with you immediately. At this moment, my mood is difficult to calm, do you feel it?

To accomplish a great cause, there must be a group of like-minded people. Ruminants have been challenging the limits for 11 years. Except for the inflection point of dairy feed in 2014, the other two product lines have been on the rise. This year is the 12th year of its establishment, which will create a new record. This is a team that makes me proud and happy, and I love everyone in the team. In the future, we will continue to challenge ourselves and break through the limits. We will sing and roam all the way! Let youth bloom, let life be rich!

At the age of 35, I am now 46 years old. I often ask myself, what will be the next ten years? The torrent retreats bravely, unloads the armor to return to the field? Put on the battle robe again, start again, and go on the road again? The answer is self-evident, because my genes determine that if I love a cause, a collective and a group of people, I have to fight with it for a lifetime, and I will never return it if I don't destroy Loulan!

Seeing a group of young talents coming to us happily, their vision, perseverance and the fighting spirit of daring to change the sun and the moon into a new sky made me deeply feel their blood surging and their confidence in the future. I have been moved, melted and ignited again and again. This is the endless generation. This is the rolling wave. In the future, there will be luxuriant branches and towering trees! Hefeng is sure to have a long history!

Before I stop writing, I still can't calm down, so that the handwriting is scribbled and hard to play the real level.

Ha ha

Raise your head and look out of the window! The heart rises - years of quiet good, rumination good luck, Hefeng good luck


Xia Qi!

Forever love your little parents Jiang Weisheng

July 28, 2020

PS: as soon as the letter is sent, we will receive a reply from the "family". Due to the limited space, only part of the exhibition is selected

Zhou Qi: (customer service representative in probation period, five months in service)

After reading President Jiang's letter, I once again affirmed my choice. I was lucky to come to rumination family in summer camp of sophomore. During summer internship of junior year, I really understood the work position. When I was confused about the future, I would like to thank the parents for their careful guidance and the brothers and sisters of rumination for their care. After I came to rumination, every time the arrangement of targeted internship tasks made me grow continuously. I believe that I will accelerate my growth and continue to write the glory of rumination in this loving and courageous team!


@Zhou Qi, you are Xiaohe who has just given birth to rumination. You are so lovely and precious. We will take care of it carefully and look forward to growing vigorously and carrying the future.

Jiang Weisheng

Liu Zhuo: (customer service representative in probation period, five months in service)

Just stepping out of the campus gate and coming to the ruminant family, I feel the extraordinary years in the past 11 years from Jiang Zongxin's words, and I feel a sense of pride. Although I can't create the glory with you, I am proud of the rumination. In the future, it will go forward shoulder to shoulder with rumination. Beautiful, young rumination and days are not old; strong, rumination brilliant and boundless country!


@Liu Zhuo's future is formidable! come on.

Jiang Weisheng

Yang Meichen: (business coordination, 4 months of employment)

I have been involved in rumination for four months. In these four months, I feel the most distinctive "human sentiment" of rumination. After reading President Jiang's letter, it seems that there is a time tunnel that brings me back to the growing years of rumination. I hope the future of rumination will be more brilliant and be with rumination!


@Yang Meichen shines with the sun and the moon, with rumination!

Jiang Weisheng

Chang Di: (customer service manager, 10 years in service)

Today, after reading the letter from Mr. Jiang to all ruminants, I felt a lot. The past is vivid: I joined Shenyang ruminant internship in December 2009, when the ruminant business in Shenyang is booming and the sales volume is increasing greatly. However, when Huishan heating company had steam problems, all the business personnel went back to the factory to work with the front-line workers to complete the busy delivery work Make. A few years later, the new factory encountered equipment failure in the initial test, and the sales staff returned to the company to participate in production and tide over difficulties together. In the eyes of outsiders, it may be considered that Shenyang ruminant has caught up with the good times, which is luck! However, ruminants in old Shenyang all know that today's achievements are made by the ruminants under the leadership of general manager Jiang, who are united in their efforts to overcome difficulties!

As for us, we have become the pillar of a well-off family from a muddled poor boy. Behind this is Mr. Jiang's little training!

So we should thank the company for such a good platform, but also thank the President Jiang for his careful cultivation!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Liang, who introduced me to the company, Mr. Qin, the enlightening teacher who brought me to know the industry and profession during my internship, Mr. Song, who helped and tolerated me in later work, and finally, I would like to thank all the ruminants in Shenyang who helped me in front of and behind me!

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.


@Changdi never forgets his original heart and feels grateful! Years like a song, no regret life! Spring is full of flowers!

Jiang Weisheng

Wang Feng: (customer service director, five years in service)

After reading Mr. Jiang's letter, I can see that the words are like the face, and the ripples of inner resonance have not disappeared for a long time! As time goes by, it has been five years since I became a Hefeng person. Although I failed to experience the difficulties at the beginning of rumination, I can realize from the letters that every performance breakthrough comes from the persistence of Hefeng people to their posts. I think this is the spirit of Hefeng! We can't forget that manager Jiang, president Zhao and general manager Qin are like brothers in their life! We can't forget that when we sell in a team, open up our territory and seize the market, we are united! What's more, I can't forget my achievements in the past five years --- knowledge, height, attitude, wealth and so on. So far, I feel thousands of feelings! In the first ten years, I failed to catch up with the loyal guard. However, I will always love the rumination cause and this big family, and work together with my family to create a brilliant rumination. The future of animal husbandry is hard for us to write! Read the letter again, more affectionate meaning long, can't from oneself, don't know what to say!


@Wang Feng talk show you are the best! Writing is even better! Understand rumination, the future can be expected!

Jiang Weisheng

Wang Huan: (regional manager, 10 years in service)

After reading a letter from Mr. Jiang, my thoughts are in memory, and my mood is also up and down. I am full of motivation and confidence!

After leaving the campus and stepping into the society, I changed from a student to a sales representative. I recall that I knew and understood Hefeng through the campus propaganda of Hefeng and joined the big family of rumination in Shenyang!

Jiang is always the leader and the head of our family. This family is a great one. Every member of the family gets along well with each other, goes all out to attack the city and pull out the stronghold. It is invincible to win the sales volume and public praise of our company. Shenyang rumination is definitely No.1 in the industry.

To grow up in such an excellent team and warm family requires us to be successful!

Thank Mr. Jiang for his tolerance and support. In the big family and small team, I will continue to work hard to change myself, do better, do well in sales and serve customers well.

Also wish us Shenyang ruminate all the way Changhong, create another ten years of new glory!


@Wang Huan is really talented and practical, and has both Dexin and Dexin!

Jiang Weisheng

Dong Fuqiang: (regional manager, seven years in the "Shuanghe" family)

When I read a letter from Jiang Zong, I had a thousand thoughts. Seven years of Hefeng's ruminant life can be clearly seen. There are hardships and tiredness. More sweet is sweet. Everyone's life is getting better and better. Our parents take us to work together to harvest, harvest maturity and harvest love. Therefore, I passed this letter to my lover. We belong to the "Shuanghe" family. I think I would like to share this moment with her. I think I need to work too much. Although I have not participated in the whole 11 years, it is at least a half horse. In the next many years, we will shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, sing all the way, make a contribution to Shenyang Hefeng rumination, and contribute to our big family I would like to sincerely say thank you and say that it's hard work. Let's share the future development of our "children" for you! come on.


@Dong Fuqiang's greatest return to his family is responsibility and responsibility! The beauty of ruminating family needs you and me to decorate. Thank you "Shuanghe" family, build a home, share the joy! Grow together and fly together!

Jiang Weisheng

Ji Wanliang: (regional manager, 10 years in service)

After reading Mr. Jiang's letter carefully, I have a lot of feelings and memories. Ten years are fleeting. I joined Hefeng ruminant in May 2010. It has been ten years before I knew it. From a young boy to a steady middle-aged man, I grew up with rumination. There have been ten years of loss, loss of happiness, loss of heart.

Over the past ten years, it has witnessed that the ruminant industry has become bigger and stronger, leading the ruminant market in Northeast China. I feel honored to be a member of the ruminant family. In this big family, the brothers and sisters at the front and rear work together with one heart and do their best to achieve outstanding achievements one after another. According to the book, "sailing in the sea depends on the helmsman", and Hefeng people believe that "ruminant depends on the win-win mode". It is Mr. Jiang's spirit of setting an example, being strict with yourself, and being a pioneer in encouraging everyone to go against the trend and forge ahead. You have been working tirelessly for ten years, and you have cooperated with big customers one after another. It is your fighting spirit of fearing hardships and facing difficulties that deeply infects me and makes me more mature and more effective in sales.

Finally, I would like to thank all the ruminant families, thank you for helping me sell for ten years. In the future, I will redouble my efforts to contribute to the next brilliant decade of rumination.

I wish the ruminant cause to climb the summit bravely, and wish the 100 billion Hefeng to realize as soon as possible!


@Ji Wanliang grows up with pain, and his achievements are impressive! Life is long and steady, life is short, seize the day!

Jiang Weisheng

Li Feifei: (cashier, 11 years in service)

After work, sitting on the return commuter bus, I read the letter from Mr. Jiang over and over again. Every word is bright and warm.

Through the general, back to 11 years ago, once again saw a piece of young face on the smile, heard the laughter of meeting again and again! Yes, this is my home, the home I've always been proud of.

I would like to say: it's a great honor to be here when you stagger off, when I break through many difficulties, and when I refresh my performance time and again, whenever I think of these pride, happiness will run through my whole body and constantly encourage me to grow.

I know that the pride and pride of being a ruminant is hard won by Jiang Zong's leading brothers to fight and fight in the battlefield without smoke of gunpowder. As the rear, we are no regrets. We will accompany you day and night to be your strongest backing. This is the case in this decade, and it will be the same in the next decade. I have made up my mind to "never give back Loulan and fight with it for life". I believe that under the leadership of President Jiang, our rumination will surely make another brilliant achievement and write a new chapter!

I love you, my family. It's nice to have you with me


@Flying angel like smile, let people warm like spring! Bright smile, free life!

Jiang Weisheng

Han Suofu: (regional manager, nine years in service, production keeper transformation)

After reading Jiang Zong's letters, I feel deeply.

In a flash, over nine years, I have been bumping and bumping from a young and ignorant youth to meeting my life's noble person, Mr. Jiang, who joined Hefeng and took me into the industry and studied sales from a production keeper. The company has given me a lot of support, and Mr. Jiang has given me a lot of tolerance and encouragement.

It's my honor to be a member of rumination in Shenyang. In rumination, Mr. Jiang worked hard to create and lead everyone to shine. In the face of market competition, Shenyang ruminant has become the leader in the Northeast market by overcoming all difficulties in a planned way. I am grateful to Mr. Jiang for what he has done for us all the way, and to the colleagues who accompanied us all the way. Because of you, our team is full of positive energy of sunshine. In the future, I will work hard to be better myself, speak well the words of Hefeng, and do well in the affairs of Hefeng!

Wish: Mr. Jiang will win every battle

Ruminate, create brilliance again


@Hanshoff forklift truck for three years and sales for five years. Every step is not willing to be behind! Your past will tell you the future! Perseverance, gold and stone can be engraved!

Jiang Weisheng

Meng long: (customer service manager, six years in service)

After reading a few letters from Jiang,

In the evening, I talked with many customers,

Deeply stirred by the heart,

Just look back on the book!

Now I read my brother's letter,

I feel that we are not self-improvement.

Although it has already surpassed thousands of people,

More vast than today's world.

Select fertile soil to sprout,

Choose Bole to make it thousands of miles.

You and I are the crowd,

How can you enjoy yourself in your spare time.

Big brother is still busy,

Young brother, we must do our best.

If we don't work hard now,

What's your future, brother.

May time live up to your time,

May rumination become stronger and stronger.

On the evening of July 29, Meng long


@Meng Long's seven character poems are all to the end, worthy of the chairman of the academy! Good attitude helps good habits, good habits help good life! A good life and good practice will make a dragon.

Jiang Weisheng

Liu Liang: (technical service expert, seven years in service, only five days off in recent five months. Last month, he was forced to stop work and go home for rest.)

When I saw Jiang Zong's "a letter to ruminant family", I was deeply encouraged. Recalling from the beginning of 2013 to the present, the company, Mr. Jiang and his colleagues have experienced all kinds of things vividly. How many times of moving and how many times of encouragement are really hard to express.

I don't know when and how. It is Mr. Jiang who constantly encourages and urges him in his work and cares and cares like a brother in his life. Ruminant colleagues, like brothers and comrades in arms, never give up, hand in hand, work together, let me deeply know, in the ordinary post, do a good job in every work, constantly improve themselves, break through themselves, give play to their every drop of light and heat, only in this way can we live up to our time, the expectations of our leaders, and our colleagues working together for the cause.

I would like to be a member of the most assured leaders and the most trusted one of my colleagues, and strive for the brilliant arrival of the next decade!


@Liu Liang is skilled, and everyone grabs it. He has no complaint and no regret. His arm is disabled and his ambition is strong. He is famous all over the world!

Jiang Weisheng

Sun Lifan: (technical service expert, 11 years old, 65 years old)

After reading Mr. Jiang's family letter many times, I'm not very good at expressing it. I'm lucky to join Hefeng ruminant and witness the glorious rumination. Behind the achievements, Mr. Jiang has paid too much effort. Thanks to Mr. Jiang and Hefeng ruminants for their tolerance and support for me and for helping me improve my quality of life. I have endless energy to work in this team. Thanks to Mr. Jiang and all the ruminants.


@Sun Lifan worked hard in the cattle farm, helped the sales, and was meticulous. Healthy and happy every day!

Jiang Weisheng

Qiao Liang: (product manager, six years in service)

Dear parents

The letter has been received and I feel deeply after reading it. Looking back on the time when I entered the society, I joined the ruminant family in Shenyang after graduation in 2014. I felt very lucky in the process. Although there were twists and turns after work, with the encouragement of President Jiang and the guidance of president Zhang, I gradually got rid of the fog, straightened out my thinking and got on the right track. My six years of work also made me have a lot of changes and progress. In the 11 years since the foundation of ruminant, I have not experienced the difficulties and hardships of the first five years. However, I can clearly see the glory of the past six years. I also know that behind the quiet years, there are always people who are carrying heavy loads. I am grateful to such a family like team, and to Mr. Jiang for his knowledge of people and his good responsibilities, so that this team has such a cohesive force. As you said, to accomplish a great cause, there must be a group of like-minded people; as I expected, there must be no distractions.



Qiao Liang

Early morning of July 31, 2020


@When Qiao Liang first saw him, his young face was full of strong muscles. However, his short-term marketing was driven back by gout At first sight, you are singing and dancing on the stage! In the latter critical period, you face the difficulties again, just like bamboo shoots sprouting after a spring rain, and continue to help ruminate forward For six years, Mr. Qiao deserves it! You are familiar with the cow. You are like a learned professor on the platform. After ten years, you have to be a deputy high school! Hope for the future! Stop, I'm going to get up to eat, go to work and run! Talk back! Our office is very close!

Jiang Weisheng

Chen Chao: (Senior Quality Control Manager, 10 years in service)

Dear President Jiang

Hello! The letter has been received. I would like to write back to you on writing paper, but the handwriting is poor and I am ashamed to do it.

Since the establishment of rumination, Dachao has entered the main workshop quality control, experienced Shenyang Hefeng, Liaoning Hefeng, Shenyang puffing, and turned around and back to rumination. 12 years of Hefeng Road, 10 years of rumination, it is a great honor to witness one after another brilliant rumination, helping rumination to reach another peak. Under your leadership, the front and back of rumination echo and help each other, creating a harmonious keynote of rumination, so that we can live happily and enjoy our work in a big and friendly family. Thank you for your efforts.

I wish ruminant business soaring, Hefeng business is thriving!


@Chen Chao   rigorous and rational, always keep the true color! Born for quality control, fight for quality! The guardian of rumination, the servant of the people. Help sales, to the letter!

Jiang Weisheng

Liu Yangzhi, technical assistant, one year

To our most respected and dear "little parents" Mr. Jiang


Writing paper is originally a kind of white paper without lines and grids. However, you use a ruler to manually type a field square, and use a pencil and a rubber to write your heart's words on it. This makes us feel very kind. In the digital age, the convenience of making a phone call and sending out wechat has already made us forget the true feeling of "seeing words as if they were face to face". The epidemic is volatile, and the business meeting, which should have been held at the beginning of the month, could not bring everyone together as scheduled. I think that's the purpose of your handwritten letter! As "parents", though they can't face to face with ruminants, they can feel more precious emotions than meeting in person.

Today is the first anniversary of my coming to hefengman. Fortunately, I joined the flourishing Hefeng group after graduation; I was lucky that I joined the invincible and concerted efforts of Shenyang ruminant in Hefeng group; I was even luckier, and I had two good leaders who were polite and virtuous. When I first entered the workplace, you let me know: there is such a leader who is busy with his work, travels thousands of miles every day to visit customers, and discusses solutions day and night; there is a leader who celebrates the victory party, drinks and leads everyone to revel all night; there is such a leader who holds "marathon", online running competition, group walking, and takes the lead in running, so that we can pay attention to our own body Good health.

I have not experienced the initial difficulties of ruminant entrepreneurship, nor experienced the heavy damage of dairy industry in 2014, but since the moment I joined, I have the determination to strive for the peak of rumination.

We can't help you in time of crisis, but it will add to the cake!


Xia Qi!

Liu Yangzhi

The morning of July 31, 2020


@Happy birthday baby! With experience, a year old began to babble, is also beginning to attract people like! Fate is so endurable to ponder, passively welcome your arrival, but you gave us a big surprise! There is no sense of strangeness, no familiar process, and the whole family is scrambling to hold you. This is probably a long-awaited family reunion! Also because you are after Wan Ming another handsome pop Europa! Talent, talent and talent! In my retirement year, I saw the future of rumination

Jiang Weisheng

One of the members of the purchasing team

Today, I reread Mr. Jiang's letter again. I feel a lot! It is a happy decade to be able to work with Mr. Jiang in ruminant company for ten years. In the next decade, no matter what the general manager Jiang's goal is, I would like to try my best to transform knowledge into productivity, make up for my own shortcomings and weaknesses in time, and continue to work hard with our team to help the rumination cause!


@Qi stands on the road with rumination and dances with rumination!

Jiang Weisheng