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Yuan Jianwei: don't let Shaohua pursue his dream

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Dear judges and colleagues of Hefeng

hello everyone! I am yuan Jianwei. It is my great honor to have the opportunity to share my story with you on the 25th anniversary of Hefeng.

I graduated from university in 2004 and joined Hefeng. Now I am responsible for the engineering construction and peripheral work of Fushun Hefeng pig farm. This year is my 16th year of joining Hefeng. In the past 16 years, I have grown from a green student to a middle-level manager of listed agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises, from a poor boy from the countryside to the middle class with houses and cars. All of these thanks to Hefeng for the platform and opportunity, and for the training of my superiors. A tree that holds together is born in a grain of dust; a platform of nine storeys rises from the soil. What I want to tell you is the three growth experiences after joining Hefeng, and I will summarize the past and look forward to the future.

In 1997, I graduated from high school and went to Shanghai to serve as a soldier. After receiving strict military training, I returned to my hometown two years later to work as a worker in a state-owned enterprise. This was the iron rice bowl that many rural children yearned for at that time. Front line work is dirty and tired. I'm not afraid of these, but I'm most afraid of meeting and communicating with my classmates. Listening to them talk about the rich and colorful university life, I'm not very happy.

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. —Young people are fearless.


It was also at that moment that I made up my mind secretly that I would pick up my books and take the university entrance examination again. As long as we stick to our goal, we will reach it even if we take some detours. A year later, I entered the campus of Shenyang Agricultural University, majoring in veterinary medicine. After graduating in 2004, Hefeng and Zhengda threw olive branches to me at the same time. I chose Hefeng decisively. After an interview with Vice President Wang Xueqiang, I joined Hefeng of Agricultural University and became a salesman.

At that time, Nongda Hefeng had many competitors in the market, including Xijie, Dacheng, Purina, etc. I was assigned to Heishan and Beizhen markets. Lin Hui, the current sales general manager of Shenyang Hefeng, is my superior. I am strict with me in my work, like a teacher in my work, and like a brother in my life. Under his leadership, after more than half a year's exploration, I have successively written articles such as "ten reasons for good use of feed under low market conditions" and "guidance chart for self breeding and commercial pig feeding stage", which were printed and distributed to farmers in the copy agency, which played a good role in promoting sales.

From 2004 to 2008, I grew from an ignorant salesman to a regional manager. I bought the first car, the first building, married and gave birth to a daughter. I had a real home in Shenyang. When I was in college, I was the monitor. In the first five years after graduation, I still set an example for my classmates. In the past five years, I would like to thank Vice President Wang Xueqiang for giving me the opportunity, as well as Lin Hui, sun Fulu, Mr. Jin Weiguang, Jiang Weisheng, Chen Jiang and Luo Changhong for their training of me.

Sometimes it rains at night


At the beginning of 2009, I was transferred to Shenyang Hefeng to ruminate and start a business with Jiang Weisheng, general manager. That year was the year after melamine had the greatest impact on ruminant feed. At that time, our competitors were cofett, aitje, etc., with monthly sales of more than 10000 tons. Except for the four years before the Spring Festival, we had no rest. We always have the belief that ruminant feed should be bigger and stronger. Driven by the determination to win, we have talked about Hefeng's corporate culture and practical breeding technology for dairy farmers during countless nights and dawn. We also looked at the cow dung with faint silage smell and hydrogen sulfide odor, checked the dry humidity and analyzed the digestion and absorption effect. After unremitting efforts, Shenyang Hefeng ruminant monthly sales from hundreds of tons to thousands of tons, up to tens of thousands of tons.

I remember that in 2011, the group built a new ruminant factory for Shenyang Hefeng. There was a problem with the equipment, which led to the untimely supply of materials. It happened that President Jiang went to the United States again. Mr. Wang came to ruminant town. We looked at the equipment, unloaded raw materials, opened forklifts, loaded trucks, etc., and Mr. Wang also carried the materials with us. After more than 20 days of hard work, I still have tears in my eyes now, because Shenyang Hefeng ruminant is a well-trained team.

Eight years of rumination work in Shenyang Hefeng has been full of achievements. I would like to thank general manager Jiang Weisheng for his careful training and all colleagues' hard work in rumination. During this period, I was also admitted to an in-service graduate student, read a master's degree in veterinary medicine, and was promoted to general manager of sales; on the material level, I owned two houses and changed to an Audi car.

Start a pig business again


There are five prerequisites for success: abundant energy, extraordinary imagination, discipline (especially strict self-discipline), perseverance, and constant love. Love is a better teacher than responsibility. Because of my love, at the beginning of 2017, I was transferred to pig industrialization to undertake the construction of pig farm, and became the first employee in this new field. When Vice President Wang Xueqiang and Director Fu Ming led me to room 330 of the headquarters building, they looked at the empty office and suggested that I take a picture, saying that it would be a very good memory material when pig industrialization was successful in the future.

In the face of new work, I don't know where to start. I don't know architecture and feasibility report. What is EIA? I don't have a clue. I don't have any resources. Mr. Wang said to me, "we are all primary school students. We should learn from scratch." A lot of work came to me, and every one of them had to be done by myself. After half a year's adaptation and efforts, I found the passion when I used to be a feed developer. Excavate all the resources around us, handle all kinds of procedures, and deal with all kinds of people. In 2018, our first not perfect work was completed last year. In addition to the Spring Festival, it was a year-round.

In the past, I used to make money for the company in the feed sales position, but now I only spend money but not make money in the new position. It is necessary to spend money correctly. If I spend wrong, I make a big mistake. I even suffer from mild depression and feel worthless for a long time. I am very anxious. The relationship between the government and the people is extremely complicated. My gray hair almost instantaneously, and the vicissitudes of life that is not in line with my age are the real appearance produced by responsibility. I would like to thank Vice President Wang Xueqiang and director Zhao Jiawen for their support!

Pig farms encountered many difficulties from construction to trial operation to production, but we always remember that "things in the world are divided into possibility and impossibility, and Hefeng people always believe that it is possible to overcome difficulties". During the trial operation of the pig farm last year, the water supply of the ancestral pig house was suddenly cut off at 7:00 p.m., which was in the middle of winter in Fushun. If the water supply could not be restored in time, the house would not be able to provide heat, and the water pipes would face the risk of freezing and cracking, and the consequences would be unimaginable. Director Li Guoyong immediately organized emergency repair, and all the staff spontaneously lit up with flashlight when there was no light. At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the pipeline was finally repaired, but the water still couldn't be supplied. It was found that the pipeline was blocked by sediment. At this time, our repairman immediately took off his coat, jumped barefoot into the biting water, bucket by bucket of manual dredging. After the man came up, his lips were blue with cold, and then other young technicians jumped down again. In this way, after nearly 16 hours of continuous fighting, the water supply finally returned to normal. Facing the rising sun, we walked out of the pig house and put into the intensive and orderly trial operation.

Haruki Murakami once said, "there is no right choice in the world. We just try to make it right." In this new field, I am often moved by the dedicated Hefeng people. Taking responsibility is an attitude, a responsibility, and even more a kind of self-consciousness. It is Hefeng who teaches us to be brave in taking responsibility.

Life is a long competition. We always encounter opportunities and pressures. Those who are easy to succeed also tend to decline quickly. Only enterprises like Hefeng, which grow tenaciously and have a long history, can have a long history.

Thank you for your listening. Standing here, I want to say to you in a loud voice: in the process of growing up together with Hefeng, I have always cherished a dream and never wasted it. thank you! bye!