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Jin Weidong: from success to happiness

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My topic today is "success to the edge of happiness.". Ms. Xu sent a lot of information to me about the topic, including the one who asked me to change the meaning of the topic. But edge doesn't really show what I mean.

My English title is success to the brink of happiness. I use "brink" because I think there is a limit to happiness. We often confuse success with happiness. Indeed, to a certain extent, the more successful we are, the happier we are. However, success also has its boundary and happiness has its edge. For example, we are happy to have plenty of food and clothing, but it is a little bit too rich and luxurious to be disgusted. It is enviable to be in power, but it is dangerous for power to fall into power.

In fact, there are two aspects of success: AB and ab. what we have just said is its B side - personal aspects, including personal fame and wealth, personal material enjoyment; but on the other hand, all success is actually evaluated by your contribution, your value and your help to others. From this point of view, the more successful the better. Often people will not balance its AB side, so we often see some successful people alienated to the opposite side of people's envy, disgusting, and seeing some "successful people" being sneered at. I also think that Nietzsche seems to have said a word: everyone's existence is harm to others.

What kind of success is more acceptable to everyone, and what kind of success is what we should pursue? What boundary does Mr. Wang cross between his success and happiness? He deviates from his original intention and is not liked by everyone?

I'm here to try to talk about my understanding. Mr. Yi, like all of you, was also trained in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. Mr. Ye once wanted to realize his own value in life within the system. He lived a life of rich clothes, rich food, and a stable life. Mr. Wang is now constantly seeking his own future between profit and loss. However, I am now in my 60s, and I have more courage. To tell you the truth, I also have more critical spirit, including my criticism of others and self reflection. ‍‍

If we want to pursue happiness and success, I think some of the edges under Mr. Wang can't break through. ‍‍

The first edge is freedom. We can't lose freedom. What we call success is about fame and wealth. Do you remember the famous poem "freedom and love" by Pei doffey? ‍‍

Life is precious

Love is more expensive.

If it is for the sake of freedom

You can give up both.

In other words, for the sake of life, I can't give up my freedom; for the sake of love, I can't give up my freedom. I think that the success in business, the success in fame and fortune pursued by all the experts and scholars, how can you compare with the success in love? How can you compare with our lives? However, many people are really tired of their fame. Many of them do not know their own direction of life. I, especially businessmen, sometimes do everything in my power. In order to achieve his goal, Mr. Wang even trampled on the law and infringed on others. However, when Huang Liang woke up from his dream, they found that all this was not worth it. ‍‍

I want to talk about the happiness of entrepreneurs. Many people say that Chinese entrepreneurs are miserable, and the end result is either in the hospital or in the court. Entrepreneurs in different countries have different feelings of happiness. British entrepreneurs say that happiness means going home from work, and his wife has prepared warm slippers to drink with him in front of the fireplace; French entrepreneurs say that happiness is to drink with lovers in picturesque surroundings after work to enjoy a better life outside marriage; Chinese entrepreneurs drag their tired bodies home after work and take up bowls Just about to have a meal, someone knocked on the door outside. Two policemen stood in front of the door and said, "sorry, someone reported that you have economic problems. Comrade Wang, please come with us." At this time, the happiness of the entrepreneur came. He patted his chest and said, "sorry, you have found the wrong person. Comrade Wang is next door."

What is freedom? Freedom is not what you want to do, freedom means you can not do what you don't want to do. Schopenhauer said: "desire is like sea water. The more you drink, the more thirsty you will feel." This is the plight of the rich. Schopenhauer also said: "the so-called brilliant life is just a prisoner of desire." Mr. Xi, there are many people who have made great achievements and who want to make achievements. However, most of them can not think about it in their own growth and struggle. Without thinking, success becomes very confused. After thinking about life, you will not be surprised.

The second edge is the principle. We can't lose the principle. I don't need to elaborate on this point too much. Mr. Wang should abide by the law and discipline, respect the interests of others, and possess the spirit of altruism. ‍‍

The third is dignity. ‍‍‍‍ "The three armies can capture the commander, but the individual can not capture the ambition." Mr. Wang, if you look at the financial statements of Hefeng, we get very little government financial support every year, which may be 1 / 10 of the same kind of enterprises of Mr. ho. Mr. I also saw that some entrepreneurs who were more successful than me in my early years were humble and servile in front of his interests. I feel that I can't do it, I can't change my nature, and I don't want to enjoy such extra benefits. Maybe it's because the gentleman has not done something. ‍‍

However, once the Mr. has received a good education, it will be even more tragic for him to give up his good education.

The fourth is the ideal, which represents the wish of our husband when he was young. Mr. is the most precious part. For the sake of practical utility, many people can give up anything. I think Mr. ideal can never give up. Sometimes we exaggerate the success of others. I think too much of the success of others. Adam Smith, the originator of the market economy, said: "people are usually shown as' overconfidence in their own abilities' and 'absurd assumptions about their own good luck' The difference between the rich and the rich makes people overestimate their power As a matter of fact, Mr. Wang does not give up his ideal, he insists on his principles, and he does not change his mind. It is a challenge for him to persist in the end. For the intellectuals, the challenge is even greater.

The fifth is honesty. As an entrepreneur, "honesty" is particularly important. Because honesty is the business card of a businessman's life, all of his enterprises can't succeed for a long time without honesty. Mr. Wang, there are also some scientists and scholars here today. To you, integrity is still important. "Most of the successful people in human society are moral leaders," Einstein said Even in the field of science, the role played by morality is unimaginable. Mr. Wang, we have heard that some scholars have made false news. There are also dishonest behaviors in the process of reporting the project and using the funds. In fact, there are shortcuts in every field. In the end, the shortcut is not the glory of human nature.

The last one, I think, is the truth. Mr. Wang's good life should be open and aboveboard, and he walks with the truth. Today, as an entrepreneur, I need a lot of courage. It seems that entrepreneurs deal with money, and you should have a proper way to deal with money. You should be honest and upright in everything you do. Not only for himself, but also for his contribution to society, value and well-being of others. ‍‍

Today, there are a lot of entrepreneurs here. We are called businessmen. Who is he? Last year, I gave a speech to give a brief analysis of "Shang". ‍‍

The first businessman is a businessman. The businessman is not constrained. He is in a state of extravagance and drunkenness. He is a "happy life" as some businessmen call it. However, we should not forget that the origin of the merchants was aristocracy. At the turn of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the merchants, as the defeated party, had no territory. They wanted to settle down and make material exchange. Mr. Sun Yat Sen, the pioneer of the revolution, was asked, "what is the purpose of your revolution?" Mr. Sun Yat Sen said: "I want to make the best of my talents, Make the most of the land, You can make the best use of everything, and the goods will flow freely. " The flow of goods is business. Mr. Shang, the main body of our country, is composed of a worker, a farmer and a businessman, and Mr. Shang is in the middle. Five stars on the five-star red flag also mean that. Mr. Wang, when we salute the national flag, he also salutes those excellent and honest businessmen.

The second law of entropy. We always pursue success. To surpass others, Mr. Wang breaks the average. The basic principle of science tells us: only average can last long. Only chaos and disorder are the most reasonable. Order is not good. Order reduces entropy. This is also true of the so-called "pollution" by Mr. Wang. For example, if you have to extract iron from the iron ore, this kind of order will destroy the environment. In fact, all successful people are saboteurs. They break the balance of others. They all violate the basic laws of physics. Mr. Wang, then, has to pay a price for this state of entropy reduction and his temporary leading position. He must make continuous efforts, hard work and exemplary role of morality for him. Mr. Hao, the first edge I mentioned just now is freedom. I have been to Manhattan, New York, USA. when I saw the Korean War Monument, I believe that I have a deep memory of the above words. The words on it are: "freedom isn't free, freedom is not free, and so is my success.". Mr. Wang, when everyone has made achievements, you should remember that your success violates the basic material law. If you want to maintain your success, you have to swim against the current. If you want to maintain your achievements, you must be more strict than self-discipline. You must pay more to balance your lead.

The third is war. Many excellent people have died young, and many of them are young. In this regard, Mr. I is also a common feature of successful people. I first knew that "Shang" was "Guo Shang" in Qu Yuan's nine songs. "Guo Shang" is written in a passionate and impassioned way: "Wu Ge Xi was bitten by a rhinoceros, and his car was picked up by a short soldier. The sun is covered with banners, the enemy is like clouds, and the soldiers are fighting for the first. Ling Yu array Xi, Yu Yu Lin, left Xie Xi, right blade wound. Two rounds of haze, four horses, help jade Xi beat the drum. When the weather is fierce, the spirit is angry, and the field is abandoned. With a long sword and Qin bow, I leave my head and my heart will not be punished. " As described in Guo Shang, the head and body were separated, and he did not regret it. "Honesty is both brave and martial, and can't be bullied in the end. When the body is dead, the spirit is the spirit, and the soul is the ghost. " Zhuang Huai is fierce. I think this is a happy life. Mr. Wang, if you want to succeed, you have to worry about gain and loss; if you want to achieve something, you have to make efforts. It is absolutely impossible for you. Mr. Wang is a low-quality success, even if he may be. He is not even envied by your children. Because he is opportunistic, he is selfish. ‍‍

I think life is very short. In addition to pursuing these realistic utilitarianism, to succeed, we should surpass others. In fact, we should enjoy life more importantly. Mr. Li (Academician Li Defa) has long understood the truth of this point. Mr. Li is affectionate and affectionate. If you leave the book of songs, you will become boring. Mr. Wang's love is priceless. He is happy to meet him. He is sad. He is separated from him. He is in love with his friends and confidants. He has a good drink without any utility. His poetry answers each other. This is the higher level of his life. This is my fourth analysis of "Shang": cup.

We should bear in mind that Mr. Wang, a businessman, wants to exchange goods with Mr. Jiang to meet the needs of others. We should know that all his achievements are against human feelings and laws. Mr. is a kind of pressure on others. We should be diligent and thrifty, and pay homage to ourselves. We should know that even if we sacrifice for our ideals, it is worthwhile, because we will die Mr. Wang's life is always short. We should know that apart from utilitarianism, we should enjoy life. I want to be affectionate and affectionate. I should pay attention to the sincere feelings between people. ‍‍

We often see that there are four flags in the church. There are four words written by him ‍‍hope、‍‍peace、‍‍joy、‍‍love。 ‍‍ Although I am not a Christian, in fact, I am an atheist. If I have any faith, I believe in science. However, I remember that you should always keep hope in your heart in your life. You should pursue happiness. You should enjoy a peaceful and peaceful life Mr. Yi should have love in her heart. ‍‍

I quote Wu Han's memory of Wen Yiduo when he was in the Southwest Associated University. One day, it was evening, Mr. Wu was opposite my house. There were two maidens, two cups of tea and two cigarettes. After I talked about a lot of things, I said, "my space is empty. I spit it out all day, but there is nothing new to fill in. You have to study hard. After a year or two, you can realize democracy and get politics on track. As long as you have this day, we will go back to our study immediately, and you will study hard for ten years, so that you can be worthy of yourself and your education. " Mr. Wang is a researcher in a university and a technical R & D personnel in an enterprise. Please remember this saying. Cherish your reading time, cherish your peaceful years, and don't just pursue superficial brilliance. You are wasting your time and doing nothing. ‍‍

As chairman of the board of directors, in fact, I am also very eager for Mr. o to reread my teaching materials, to learn some new knowledge, or to review some old knowledge. Recently, all of Mr. Hefeng's technicians have been rereading four books: the new edition of animal physiology, animal biochemistry, nutrition and Microbiology and immunology. I'll study with you all at the same time. In September, I'll give a concentrated lecture. Among the technicians of Hefeng, Mr. Wang has a lecturer in each course, and the two assistants say that everyone learns together through the Internet. I think learning is really necessary and happy. It is a part of success and the foundation of success. ‍‍

As we all know, in the 1980s, there were several famous obscure poets. Some of them committed suicide when they were very young, such as Haizi. Some of them committed suicide after killing their wives in Australia. This man is the only one left, and is still alive. His name is Beidao. If you are not familiar with the following poem, you must remember that "meanness is the pass of the meanest, and nobility is the epitaph of the noble"; I must remember his "I don't believe that the sky is blue, I don't believe in the echo of Lei, I don't believe in the dream is false, I don't believe that there is no retribution for your death". I am not familiar with this poem, but I find it resonating with him.

As a matter of fact, we live in this world. Even if you are a person who is supported by others, you always have loneliness in your heart, and you always have our loneliness. You can endure loneliness and enjoy your loneliness. Instead of having red wine green every day, I think your life will be fuller. Mr. Wang, when you are of unknown origin, you may pursue that kind of brilliance. The most difficult thing is that when you have a brilliant foundation and conditions, you can really enjoy thinking, loneliness and solitude. I think this is the life of an intellectual.

What is the common pursuit of people all over the world? ‍‍

He is not an official, nor is he rich, but he has knowledge. Even officials and rich people want their descendants to study and study. It is only when you become an intellectual that you will be the most successful person in your life. Mr. Wang, perhaps many of us intellectuals today are not well-off in Fuzhong. He mistakenly believes that material wealth is the most successful life. I think only money has no knowledge. Mr. Wang is a humble life, and Mr. I is not a long life. Of course, Mr. Wang is enviable for using his knowledge to understand the world, transform the world and create achievements. However, even if I don't succeed at all, I've read a lot of poems and books, and I've learned a lot, and I can be proud of myself in the world. Wherever I go, I can live and live without worry. Therefore, long live the intellectuals and pay tribute to the scholars. (applause)

I received this book within three days. When the husband and I were reluctant to return to the school, they did not agree. I don't have a salary. I have to pay time. I even have to pay some financial resources. However, I feel that this is my extra success. Mr. I graduated from my first doctoral student this year. I think it's the greatest glory of my life. I'm more proud of him than being ranked in China's top 500 and in the rich list. Willing to read, willing to learn, Mr. should be the pursuit of more people in our society, and Mr. should even become the main theme of society.

Now I'd like to invite you to watch a ted speech: the four pillars of a meaningful life. The video coincides with the values I just talked about.

The four pillars of meaningful life described in the video are sense of belonging, purpose of life, transcendence and story telling.

Now I will tell you three stories.

The first is the story of Professor Zhang and Professor Li. This is a story in reader's Digest. Professor Zhang and Professor Li were professors of the same university in Beijing in the 1950s. Before the anti rightist struggle began, he encouraged more opinions. Professor Zhang was supposed to speak first, but he was impatient and said, "Professor Li, speak first, I'll go to the toilet." As a result, Professor Li put forward a lot of opinions. When Professor Zhang came back from the toilet and was about to speak, the Secretary of the Party committee came back from a meeting of his superiors and announced that he would stop talking and turn to the anti rightist struggle. Professor Zhang did not have time to speak. Professor Li had already said a lot of out of date words, so he was transferred to work, and Professor Zhang continued to be a teacher in the school. After the cultural revolution, Professor Li came back from the countryside and became a real farmer. He forgot his English, his experimental skills and his professional knowledge. Professor Zhang is a great expert in the industry. Professor Li was embarrassed and self abased in front of Professor Zhang and said, "Professor Zhang, how can I compare with you now? There is a big gap between us." Professor Zhang said: "there is no gap between us. The gap between us is a splash of urine."

Professor Zhang lived in the city and his two children had good learning conditions and promising prospects. They both went to the United States to study. Their two daughters were Yale and Harvard. Professor Li's two sons went to the countryside with him, neither of whom received a good education, and drove a taxi in Beijing. Both professors are now in their 80s. When Professor Zhang was ill, their two daughters were out of reach. Professor Li has a son come back to accompany him to lunch at noon every day. Who do you think is happy? Sometimes in life, it's hard to say which must be success and which must be happiness. We should not take the reality so fixed.

The second story is the two founders of apple. Apple's two founders, both named Steve Jobs, passed away; Another Steve seems to be in a bad mood. Wozniak is a technical expert. He is always careless. He can't manage money and people. He can't even control his own body. He is fat and fat. He has divorced many times. Mr. jobs is famous all over the world, but Mr. waltz is just a poor man. He sold his shares to others at a low price. If he didn't sell them, he would now have $450 billion. I should be the richest man in the world. First Steve Mr. jobs was a utilitarian success, the second Steve Waltz is a happy casual. Mr. jobs is my model. I like three things about him most. First, he defined "product" as the combination of science and technology; Second, he said: "I don't want to listen to the market, I don't want to listen to the customers. I want me to develop products for my customers. My customers are not experts. We are experts. Third, he said: "Stay hungry, stay folish", I want to keep myself open and thirsty.

Steve, brilliant and brilliant Steve Jobs has died young for many years, the second Steve Wozniak is still enjoying his life carelessly, the winner is the king, the rest is the king.

Third, I would like to talk about my partner, Mr. Zhang Tiesheng. Mr. Zhang, 70, has retired. When he was more than 20 years old, Mr. Mao was famous for his letter, and he became a typical young man appointed by Chairman Mao. As soon as he went to university, he became a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC). The Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the NPC is equivalent to that of the main hall. He is the second leader of my alma mater, Shenyang Agricultural University. It can be said that at that time, he had a promising future and might even enter the leadership of the state. However, when he graduated at the age of 26, he was jailed for political problems and spent a full 15 years in prison. When Mr. Wang entered the school, I asked the school teacher, "is Zhang Tiesheng a bad man with a long horn on his head and a thorn on his body?" The teacher said, "Mr. Zhang Tiesheng respects the teacher very much. When he comes back from his vacation, he has to fry the peanuts at home. I give each teacher a handful. Mr. Wang is very frustrated. His mother passed away when he was born. He was fostered by him in other people's home. Therefore, he has been living between two families. He is very sensitive and introverted. Mr. Zhang Tiesheng is very strict with himself. Every time he worked in the University, others dug a ditch for one meter, and he dug two meters. Mr. Zhang Tiesheng respects others. When he was in a high position, he never let his car take him to school when he came back from a meeting. Mr. Zhang always got off the bus a mile from the school. He walked back to the school and lived in the student dormitory all the time. Mr. Wang went to prison. He felt that he was not wrong, and that he was not a party member's fault. Because he was not satisfied, he was not commuted. ‍‍ 15 years later, he left the prison and came to Tiananmen Square. He bowed three times in front of the chairman's body "Mr. chairman, I follow you. If you are wrong, I am wrong. You are right, and so am I.

After he was released from prison, the girl who had been waiting for him for 15 years (also my teacher) came to me and asked me to help him arrange his work. At this time, Zhang Tiesheng was far from the man who was famous at that time, but Mr. Zhang was a backward man. He doesn't know mobile phones, and I don't know bps. But his patriotism has not changed. After I talked to him for an hour, he asked me: "Mr. Jin Weidong, how can you help foreign enterprises to attack our own national feed industry when people like you have been trained by our country? You should come back and don't do it to foreigners. ”At that time, I felt that his nature had not changed. Mr. Shao Caimei, our company's doctor, is also here today. Mr. Hefeng started his own business with seven people. It is not easy for him to unite and his shares are very scattered. If Shao Caimei and Zhang Tiesheng were not available, Mr. Hefeng would not have been united today. Mr. 1 is Mr. Wang's partner of noble virtue, and the other is his elder brother. At the same time, all seven of them are strict with themselves and sit upright. After experiencing ups and downs, Mr. Zhang Tiesheng still plucked up the courage of his life and began to participate in the management of enterprises. Especially when Mr. Hefeng opened up overseas markets, Mr. Zhang insisted on taking risks and entering overseas. Mr. we began to invest abroad 15 years ago. It seems that Mr. Zhang's investments are very correct today, and all of them are blooming It turns out. Mr. tie Sheng expressed a lot of emotion from the ups and downs. He told me: "Weidong, actually I'm not interested in politics. Everything is over. Now we are working hard, Mr. Wang is making good products and creating value for the society.

What is the happiness of life?

‍‍ Confucius said that there are three kinds of music in life. I learned from him and then I learned from him. It's a great pleasure to learn and apply. Mr. I feel that I am learning and I am happy when you are giving a report on stage. However, learning requires a critical spirit and a skeptical attitude. Only learning can help you better understand and transform the world.

‍‍ Isn't it a pleasure to have friends from afar? Mr. Wang, when we had a confidant, a confidant and a good friend of my own, and I met again many years later, I think this is a very happy and wonderful thing for you, and I can't replace anything.

Third, we always live under the condition that Mr. is not fully understood by others, or that he does not fully understand others. Is it not a gentleman who does not know but is not angry? ‍‍

To sum up, Mr We want to pursue success, we want to pursue growth. All these successes and growth have to pay a price. I want you to be principled. I can't be utilitarian for the sake of reality. I give up my freedom, I give up my principle, I lose my dignity, I forget my ideal. I can't pursue some temporary personal fame and wealth in a dishonest way. I should walk with the truth all my life with a light in my heart. ‍‍

Thank you.

August 21, 2020

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