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In Hefeng, there is such a special team

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There are many treasure teams in Hefeng. It is their professional focus, perfect cooperation and consistent goals that have made Hefeng today. But you may not know that there is such a special team in Hefeng. They have been winning glory for Hefeng for many years and contributing to the promotion of Hefeng's popularity and reputation. This team is a basketball team organized by a Hefeng employee spontaneously and has attracted a large number of basketball lovers with excellent skills in the folk. In recent years, on behalf of Hefeng, he has played in various large basketball leagues in Liaoshen area, and has achieved good results many times. They are "Hefeng basketball team". Today, we're going to walk into them and learn about what you don't know about this team.

We should be very curious. Who is the organizer of this team? In fact, Hefeng people should not be unfamiliar with him. He is the No. 10 star player of Liaoning team in the "monument" basketball match, and Mr. Dong Fuqiang, regional manager of Hefeng rumination in Shenyang.

He is an athletic master. He has shown extraordinary physical fitness since he went to school. During his college years, he set a record of 11 seconds in men's 100 meter dash and 59.4 seconds in 400 meter hurdles. For basketball, is obsessed with, after graduation still adhere to exercise. Because of the love of basketball, also happens to have a group of friends who love basketball, usually play together, but no organization. In April 2014, we recommended Dong Fuqiang as the team leader to form a team. At first, there were about 10 people, and there was no specific tactics. It was to fight tenaciously after playing. Because of this spirit of never giving up, some good results have been achieved, and more and more basketball fans from different industries have been met. Many people have taken the initiative to join this team, and more and more competitions have taken place. No matter it is basketball league or commercial 3v3 basketball match, they all take part in it under the name of "Hefeng". With the increasing popularity of this team, many enterprises offered olive branches to buy the naming right of this team. However, they were rejected by the team leader Dong Fuqiang. He always insisted on naming "Hefeng" with his love for the enterprise. At present, the team system has been formed, and the team number has reached more than 30, which has become a traditional strong team in Liaoshen area, and the team scale is still growing.

This team closely followed the development of Hefeng international business, and attracted three excellent foreign players to join. Hefeng basketball team also became the first team with foreign players in Shenyang area. Damizee from Nigeria, Jonathan from Congo and matar, who played in the NCAA League, are the main foreign players in the team. Team leader Dong Fuqiang once led the three foreign players to participate in the Shenyang National 3v3 Basketball Challenge and the Vientiane Hui 3v3 challenge, respectively, and won the honor of weekly champion and runner up. The communication and coordination of all foreign players, including the command and arrangement on the field, are completed by the team leader Dong Fuqiang. In the face of cultural differences between different countries, he can still communicate freely and treat them as brothers. With the help of Hefeng basketball team, these players have become more and more famous. Now they have been invited to participate in professional league matches in the south of China. There are also many local star players in the team. They are Liu Yu, former Yunnan Honghe player; Zhang Zhibo, former Bayi youth team player; Cong Yingjie, former Zhejiang Youth Team player; Chen Gang, Kobe's disciple, Benxi champion; Ma Zhong, 2018 China's 3v3 national championship.

In fact, it is not easy to build a large-scale team. At the beginning of the team building, the personnel were not neat, the individual skills were different, and the attendance time was not unified. Everyone felt that they were strong in skills, and most of them were individual centered and lacked of cooperation. As a team leader, they were in a dilemma, physically and mentally exhausted. However, because Dong Fuqiang was once an athlete, with the spirit of unyielding and the ability to resist pressure that has long been integrated into his blood, he is determined that there are more methods than difficulties, and we must do a good job in the team. Every time he encountered difficulties, he would secretly encourage himself: the seven founders of Hefeng encountered various difficulties in their pioneering work, and their hard work was much more than what I now encounter now. How can I give up easily? I also want to lead the team well! Adhering to this original intention, he led the Hefeng basketball team to today step by step. The style of the players was recognized and respected by the opponents. The competitions in which Hefeng team participated were always stimulating and intense, and the attention was getting higher and higher. In 2016, there was a wonderful match, which attracted reporters from Liaoning TV station to conduct on-the-spot interviews, and broadcast some game clips in the prime time of Liaoning Sports TV station in the evening. As the team leader, Dong Fuqiang was interviewed on camera for the first time. He introduced Hefeng enterprise and the team. This experience has become the pride of the whole team! After more than six years, Hefeng basketball team is known by more and more people in Liaoshen area.

As an employee of Hefeng animal husbandry, team leader Dong Fuqiang named the team after Hefeng, which is his love for the company and the pursuit of work. He hopes to publicize Hefeng in the way he is good at through basketball. With this belief, he has persisted in silence for 6 years. In the past six years, the team has experienced the initial unfamiliar with each other, experienced the distribution of more and less ball rights, experienced the change of mentality of happy winning and frustrated losing, and now it has experienced the high degree of cooperation, mutual encouragement and mutual tolerance, which can be said to have tasted all the ups and downs. He once experienced a game in which he could win, but let his opponent ruthlessly win because of his own mistakes; he also experienced the last moment of backwardness, but realized the reversal in the efforts of the players who did not give up; he also experienced that the opponent was a team of all foreign players, facing the congenital gap of physical quality, facing enormous pressure, and knowing that there was no possibility of winning, according to However, he fought hard and never gave up until the last second. Under the condition that the scores in the first three quarters were always behind, Dong Fuqiang, the captain, decisively adjusted his tactics, adopted psychological warfare and captured the opponent's formation. With the high tacit understanding and unity of Hefeng's team, he won the final victory, one point ahead of the opponent, and successfully reversed! This exciting competition, so that these hot blooded men in the moment of winning all left tears of excitement, the historic moment once again proved that "unity is strength"!

Some people may ask, after participating in so many competitions and taking out time for training, what should we do with our work? Dong Fuqiang's answer is: "you don't know basketball people, because their indomitable spirit is not only in the field, but also in the pursuit of their career. On the court, we want to win the game and win; in my work, I pursue higher goals, and I require that my annual sales volume should be greatly improved, and the sales performance should be among the best. " In his opinion, after a day's hard work, getting together at night to play ball games can not only release the pressure of work, but also share the joy of work, and also share the unhappy trivial matters. The team-mates pat each other on the shoulder, even a hug, and say "brother". All the troubles are floating clouds, and in an instant, they will revive with blood. This is also the charm of basketball! Dong Fuqiang thinks that playing basketball can clear his mind temporarily, just like reading. Although his body is exercising violently, his soul calms down. After a game, his worries disappear and his spirit becomes full again. "Basketball and work both embody my life value and are an indispensable part of my life. The achievements of my work can bring me success in my career, and the happiness of basketball can bring me spiritual purification," he said

Since joining Shenyang Hefeng ruminant, Dong Fuqiang's beef cattle feed sales have been increasing continuously for six years with an average annual growth rate of nearly 20%. Up to 2020, the individual cumulative sales volume has increased by 53% year-on-year, and the highest single month sales volume has exceeded 1410 tons. At present, Dong Fuqiang is still the record holder of Shenyang Hefeng ruminant beef feed individual monthly sales.

After the ups and downs of the game, the team has become more and more mature. The stable output of star players and the all-out efforts of blue collar players make the team more and more united and more enjoyable. Now, Hefeng basketball team has grown into a top-notch old-fashioned strong force in Liaoshen area. As the team leader, Dong Fuqiang said: I should set an example to promote Hefeng's corporate culture, let more basketball fans and fans understand our enterprise and team, and let more people appreciate and support us.

This year, at the initiative of Mr. Jin Weidong, chairman of Hefeng animal husbandry Co., Ltd., several founders and core managers of Hefeng took the initiative to donate money to support this team which loves basketball, loves Hefeng and pursues dreams. Thanks for their persistence and publicity of Hefeng over the years, we hope that they can have enough funds to strengthen training, participate in more competitions, go out of Liaoning, fight for the whole country and win Win more champions to win glory for Hefeng.

In 2020, Shenyang TBL Basketball League is in intense progress. By the time of publication, Hefeng pastoral basketball team has entered the top eight of TBL "Champions Cup" competition! I wish them to be able to live up to the expectations and achieve better results in the next competition!

(PS: TBL "Champions Cup" competition is a competition among several strongest teams after selection in group competition

Finally, I would like to introduce the heavyweight honors won by Hefeng basketball team in recent years

Second runner up of 2016 Zhongxing xinyicheng national 3v3 Basketball Challenge in Shenyang

2016 Shenyang TBL top four of 2016 season

Second runner up of Shengdao national competition in Shenyang in 2016

2017 Shenyang TBL top four of 2017 season

Top 4 of the 2017 Red Bull City Legend National Basketball Championship in Shenyang

Champion of Jiahui Cup Basketball Championship in Chaoyang City in 2018

League Cup champion of TBL 2018 season in Shenyang

In 2018, team leader Dong Fuqiang won the MVP of Shenyang tbl2018 Basketball League

Champion of Jiahui Cup Basketball Championship in Chaoyang City in 2018

Top 8 of shalizhai basketball competition in Fengcheng City, Dandong in 2019

Shenyang TBL top 4 in 2019