The voice of Hefeng

I am a happy Hefeng person

Author: Wang Dong, personnel and administrative manager of Shenyang Huakang meat and poultry Co., Ltd Source: Release time: September 3, 2020 14:09:30 Browse: Ъ Font size: Large medium , please trumpet

——The first issue of "telling the story of Hefeng" Impressions of corporate culture speech

Time flies, and it has been 11 years since we came to Hefeng. Everyone asked what made me work in a company for ten years? I always smile with pride and say: "because of happiness, so persistent."

After listening to the emotional narration of nine general managers, directors and above managers in the corporate culture speech contest, we once again felt what the spirit of Hefeng is, the characteristics of Hefeng managers and Hefeng people. Especially after listening to Yuan Jianwei, general manager of Hefeng agriculture and animal husbandry in Fushun, I seemed to see my own figure. After graduation, he joined Hefeng, where he became a family, had xiaohemiao, bought a house and a car, and lived a warm and happy life.

In 2009, just graduated from University for more than a year, I came to the industrial plate Taian jiuguhe feed factory, and became the first batch of employees after Hefeng and jiuguhe cooperated hand in hand. My position is the Sales Office Coordinator. I never thought that I would work in jiuguhe for ten years. For more than ten years, I have been engaged in many posts, such as statistics, purchasing and sales.

In Hefeng, there is a group that everyone is very familiar with and makes people happy when they hear it - "Shuanghe" family. In August 2010, I also became a member of numerous "Shuanghe" families. Because the home is out of town, and the work is relatively busy, preparing for the wedding has become a difficult problem. At this time, colleagues joked, "you don't have to worry about anything. You just need a bride and groom." In this way, we help to prepare for the wedding after work. From the place of the wedding banquet, the wedding process to the wedding room layout, we help to prepare. Even the team is produced by our colleagues. I remember clearly that on the wedding day, it rained and everyone came from all over the country to attend the wedding. What I remember most is that the manager and his party of Anya building set out from Shenyang before 7 o'clock in the morning. Unexpectedly, they broke down under the Santaizi bridge in Shenyang. After the wedding ceremony, all the people left, and they were still waiting for the trailer rescue under the bridge. This matter later became a topic we enjoyed talking about for a long time.

In 2013, my little "he Miao" was born. At that time, it was a turnip and a pit. When taking maternity leave, my colleagues helped me to take over the work. In order not to delay the work, the due date was coming soon, and there was no vacation. When I went to apply for unemployment insurance, I had to walk to the fifth and sixth floors of the building. Because the elevator of the old building was not open, every time I went up to the fifth floor and the sixth floor with a big belly, the staff always said, "don't come next time, change someone." I can't answer every time, but it's still me next time. On Sunday, I felt that I was going to give birth at noon on Wednesday, so I rushed to the hospital. At that time, PIH had to choose caesarean section. After finishing the hospitalization procedures in a hurry, I entered the operating room at more than 4 p.m. I pulled my husband's hand and said, "I must wait for me outside the door. I can't run away with my baby in my arms." Because my parents were not in good health and their families were from other places, when I entered the operating room, there were only husband and mother-in-law outside. I felt a little lonely. When the operation was over and the operating room was launched, the loneliness disappeared in an instant. My colleagues came to the hospital after work to help me push me to the ward, buy postoperative supplies, and call on the nurse to change my dressing

In June 2018, it suddenly came to the news that a colleague in the sales department was suffering from a disease, which required a large amount of medical expenses. For this poor family, it was astronomical. The company immediately organized donations, and all colleagues transmitted "water drop funding" through various channels to launch donations. Companies in the industrialization sector also donated donations to charity organizations. The group's "wings of love" fund also helped when needed most.

In a flash of ten years, in July 2019, because of job transfer, I reluctantly left jiuguhe, which had been struggling for ten years. In order to complete a project, I went to work day and night to copy more than ten boxes of A4 paper and used up two printers; in order not to delay work, the mothers who returned to work before taking off maternity leave; the brothers who stayed at home day and night to ensure the smooth recycling of customers' chicken and not to take out; the HR sisters who devoted countless efforts to the smooth holding of party after Party; for the company's business, they were in a hurry to get angry and full of bubbles Our leaders Too many memories can't be erased in a lifetime. Although I have left jiuguhe River, I am still a happy and proud Hefeng person without leaving the industrialization plate and Hefeng.

In August 2019, I officially came to Shenyang Huakang meat and poultry. To tell you the truth, it's still strange to work in a slaughterhouse for the first time. I lost more than ten jin in less than a month. There was also the idea of giving up, but when I think about so many leaders who care about me and so many amiable and lovely colleagues, the idea runs away without trace.

The deepest memory is that an employee of the production line was injured and needed to go to the hospital urgently. I accompanied him to the hospital to help him handle all the procedures. It was nearly 7:00 p.m. The next morning, the employee came back from the injection and bought me some fruit. I felt that this was my job. But in the eyes of the staff, I gave him a lot of help, and I had to thank me in my own way. Some employees brought me candy to share the joy after winning the prize This is our lovely staff.

On the eighth day of the first month of this year, in order to start slaughtering smoothly and ensure everyone's safety, the leaders returned to their jobs before the holiday was over. The production manager took the head of the production section to make statistics over and over the journey of hundreds of people, how they came, who they were traveling with, train numbers and shifts, etc. more than a dozen shift section chiefs, each with a pen and a notebook, and a walkie talkie, walked into the production office as if it were a command post during the war.

Supervise the gatekeeper to do a good job in the epidemic prevention process and meet the inspection. The leader stops in the small north wind in winter for a whole morning, saying that it is not cold is false. I couldn't stand the cold among me. I ran to the guard's heating several times, but he never left.

I feel happy to be a person of Hefeng. In my first ten years in Hefeng, I was full of happiness and harvest. You still hold hands, I hope the second year.